Sunday, March 11, 2012

Senior English--3/14/2012 & 3/15/2012

Jump Off -- pick up an index card, the next tip sheet, and the "Explication/Discussion Activity #2" sheet from the front table--take a look through the tip sheet, and then begin explicating Hamlet's second soliloquy

S. the C. -- agenda/rationale/HW, hand out Act I soliloquy notes

Close Reading Activity -- Hamlet's Soliloquy--Act II, Scene ii
--share out useful tips
--continue independently explicating Hamlet's second soliloquy
--collect index cards (key note/understanding from explication)

Transition -- materials away, materials out for continuing viewing Act II of Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet

Film -- Act II of Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet
--mindfully view the film until a few minutes remaining in class--gather information for future discussion/assessment preparation
--if time, begin discussion

Closure -- Today, I learned... (key learning/use a vocab. word [or two or three or...]--on a half  index card)

--review for the Unit #6 vocabulary quiz (next class)--don't forget about the format of the quiz and the various study options at your disposal
--if you still have an outside reading book, please bring it in next class to turn in
--master Act II of Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Hamlet--be prepared at any time for discussion and/or an assessment of your knowledge and understanding