Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Senior English--3/21/2012 & 3/22/2012

Jump Off
--Turn in your signed permission slip for the Barnes & Noble field trip.
--Pick up an index card, the next tip sheet, and the "Explication/Discussion Activity #3" sheet from the front table.
--Take a look through the tip sheet, and then begin explicating Hamlet's third soliloquy.  If you already took a look at this soliloquy during the Carpe Diem Unit, pull out your explication and see how you did!
--In a few minutes, Mr. Martin will stop so that he can model explication via a "think-aloud" for you.

S. the C.
--Mr. Martin modeling explication
*I need to see Hanna and Alex in Block 3 ACE

Close Reading Activity -- Hamlet's Soliloquy--Act III, Scene i
--divide up the lines (5 per row)
--continue independently explicating the assigned lines of Hamlet's third (and most famous!) soliloquy
--collect index cards (key note/understanding from explication--a direct quotation as support--a tieback)
--share out in small groups--combine/refine ideas
--share out in order to create a whole-class explication (engage in "seat exchange" during share out)
--compare our work to "No Fear Shakespeare"

Transition -- notes page up, back to original desks, what can you fill in based on prior knowledge?
*Mr. Martin will provide pencils for the "perfectionists" in the room!

Notetaking -- Shakespeare's Meter
--complete notes together by tapping into prior knowledge
--These notes should prove helpful when completing your writing assignment!

Writing Workshop -- Emulating Shakespeare: "To Be" Poem
--go back through task analysis questions and discuss ("wrapping our minds around" the assignment)
--Mr. Martin models on double-spaced soliloquy after selecting a topic (Coaching?  Basement?  Etc.)--revisit explication with what is Hamlet doing in each line question in mind
--check a couple of lines against blank verse chart
--set parameters for work block
--independent work time

Closure -- What is your plan of action for completing the writing assignment?

--work on writing assignment (due at the beginning of the class after next)