Friday, March 9, 2012

Senior English--3/12/2012 & 3/13/2012

Jump Off -- take out vocabulary books and open to pg. 65--look through the word list and star any words that you think you know already
*Mr. Martin will hand out permission slips for Barnes & Noble field trip

S. the C. -- agenda/rationale/HW, field trip information

Instruction -- Vocabulary Unit #6
--go over Unit #6 word list--pronunciation, definitions, tricks for remembering, etc.
--complete Synonyms/Antonyms--work on additional exercises if waiting for peers
--go over Syn./Ant.
--remind students about the way in which tests are set up (matching, parts of speech, fill-in-the-blank)
--for HW, begin reviewing the words for the quiz two classes away--"chunk" the words up

Transition -- pick up document from the front table and complete independently

Activity -- The Tragedy of Hamlet Act I
--discussion/how did you do?
--also, discuss notes from last class (soliloquy analysis as per collected index cards) and additional Act I items

Film -- Act II of Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet
--mindfully view the film until five minutes remaining in class--gather information for future discussion/assessment preparation
*Mr. Martin has some potentially useful materials if you are interested!

Closure -- Today, I learned... (key learning/use a vocab. word--also on index card)

--review for Unit #6 vocabulary quiz (the class after next)--BRING YOUR VOCABULARY BOOK NEXT CLASS
--be prepared to both engage in explication next class and continue dealing with Act II
--be prepared at any time for discussion and/or an assessment of your knowledge and understanding with regard to The Tragedy of Hamlet