Sunday, March 11, 2012

Senior English--3/16/2012 & 3/20/2012

Jump Off -- please pick up the Unit #6 vocabulary quiz from the front table and complete it--good luck!
*When finished with the quiz, pick up the Act II soliloquy notes from the front table.  Compare the notes with those of the Act I soliloquy--How do Hamlet's recent thoughts compare to and/or contrast with his earlier thoughts?

S. the C. -- agenda/rationale/HW, trade and grade, continue working on soliloquy compare/contrast

Transition -- get materials together for discussion (many of you are craving discussion!), go back over "Discussion Contribution Rating Scale", form a circle

Discussion -- The Tragedy of Hamlet Act II
--the progression of Hamlet's thoughts
--Hamlet's second soliloquy
--Act II as per notes, study guides, etc.

Transition -- re-row desks, pick up the two sheets from the front table

Writing Workshop -- Emulating Shakespeare: "To Be" Poem
--rationale behind assignment analysis sheet
--complete assignment analysis sheet
--discuss assignment
--brainstorm topic ideas

Closure -- What was made clear to you today?

--bring in your signed permission slip for the Barnes & Noble field trip ASAP
--be prepared to engage in both explication and discussion next class
--come to class next time with a topic for your poem, as you will be given a little bit of time to work on the assignment