Friday, December 19, 2014

English 10 Honors--1/5/2015

Jump Off
--Open your vocabulary book to page 62.  Look through the list of words and put a check mark next to all of the words that you are pretty confident about knowing already.  Also, jot down the "Whimsical Words" from the front board, and, time permitting, begin finding definitions for said words.

S. the C. 
--pronounce each of the Unit #5 vocabulary words (pages 62-64) and the five "Whimsical Words"

Old Business -- Articles of the Week (#9 and #10)
--scoring explained

Looking Ahead -- Article of the Week #11
--view a clip from the trailer of Season 2 of the television show "NY Med": (0:00-0:58)
--Momentarily, I will pose a question:
  • If your response to the question is "yes," STAND UP next to your desk.
  • If your response to the question is "no," SIT ON THE FLOOR next to your desk.
--My question: Should the makers of this television show have to get consent from the family members of patients such as the man who went into cardiac arrest before airing footage?
--show your response
--cold-calling--students randomly selected to briefly explain their thoughts (no more than three sentences)
  • Take our your HW (outline) and place it in the black basket on the front table.
  • Pick up a copy of the "English 10 Honors--Article of the Week #11 (1/5-1/9)--2014-2015 School Year" document from the front table.  Purposefully read the directions in the box on the first page and the written response prompt on the last page. When you have finished reading, put your head down on your desk.
--Q & A
Writing Workshop -- The Alchemist and The Old Man and the Sea Culminating Essay Assignment
--view the following video for A.) inspiration?, B.) new ideas about literature to bring to future discussions about literature, and C.) key ideas for today's work:
--key ideas for today's work:
  • The thesis statement (or argument...whatever you'd like to call it) must present a meaningful and complex idea.
  • The evidence gathered via active/critical/purposeful rereading must be both strong and thorough.
  • The explanations about the significance of these pieces of evidence in terms of your thesis/argument must be both clear and convincing.
  • Overall, the essays that you are currently working on, in their finished forms, must communicate complex ideas effectively. No barriers should exist between you and your audience.
--questions/directives for today's peer feedback block:
  • Is the thesis statement both meaningful and complex, or does the thesis statement seem pretty straightforward or as if it's "missing something"? IF THE THESIS STATEMENT NEEDS IMPROVEMENT, WRITE IN SPECIFIC FEEDBACK ON YOUR PEER'S OUTLINE (e.g., "Your thesis statement is making me think 'so what?' If both Santiagos learn important life lessons, who cares? What does that tell me as a reader about life lessons? And, what specific life lessons are being conveyed to each?").
  • Are the pieces of evidence selected both strong and thorough? Can you think of a piece of evidence or two that your peer could/should use in order to improve the quality and/or thoroughness of his/her details? AGAIN, WRITE IN SPECIFIC FEEDBACK ON YOUR PEER'S OUTLINE (e.g., "You might want to consider using...").
  • Are the tiebacks written both clear and convincing? If, as the reader, you are at all confused or skeptical, this becomes a communication breakdown/unnecessary barrier for which the writer is reponsible, but you as the reader can help! IF YOU ARE CONFUSED BY A TIEBACK, WRITE "I am confused?" ON YOUR PEER'S OUTLINE NEXT TO THE TIEBACK. AT THE VERY LEAST, THIS WILL RAISE YOUR PEER'S AWARENESS OF WHERE WORK IS NEEDED. ALSO, WRITE IN ANY ADDITIONAL SPECIFIC FEEDBACK THAT YOUR PEER COULD USE TO MAKE HIS/HER TIEBACKS LESS CONFUSING AND MORE CONVINCING (e.g., "You should probably add one more sentence here--I get that this quote shows that love is important to Santiago, but how so?).
--peer outlines delivered to students--engage in purposeful reading of your peer's work by attending to the three bullets above--meetings with me will occur during this time about the current assignment as per the order established on the front board
--in partnerships (or threesomes), meet and discuss feedback--help each other be better!
--independent work time--continue outlining essays

HW Time

--Complete the Choosing the Right Word ("50/50") vocabulary exercise (pages 65 and 66).  As you do so, underline the specific context clues within each sentence that help you arrive at your selections.  Expect me to check your work next class.  Also, familiarize yourself with the "Whimsical Words".  The Unit #5 vocabulary quiz will take place at the beginning of class on Friday, 1/9.  REMEMBER THAT WORDS FROM PREVIOUS UNITS ARE "FAIR GAME" ON ANY VOCABULARY QUIZ THEREAFTER (EXCLUDING PAST "WHIMSICAL WORDS")!
--Bring your vocabulary book to class again next time in case we end up reviewing--please do not forget!
--Begin your work with Article of the Week #11, which is due at the beginning of class on Friday, 1/9. This task will include purposefully reading the directions in the box at the top of the page and completing your best work with regard to the directions.
--Finish crafting your outline for the "The Alchemist and The Old Man and the Sea Culminating Essay Assignment" prior to next class:
  • Make any necessary revisions as per today's peer feedback block.
  • Continuously re-write your thesis statement whenever any revisions are necessary during the outlining process.
  • Write a rough topic sentence for each of your remaining body paragraphs. (If your thesis statement is strong, simply look at it to determine what the rest of your body paragraphs should address!)
  • Roughly outline the contents of your remaining body paragraphs (details, tiebacks, details, tiebacks, etc.)
Though what you are finishing is really a rough outline, the more detailed it is, the better. Pay it forward!
--One-pagers are due at the end of class on Tuesday, 1/20 for those students who have yet to complete one.  We will use some class time on that Tuesday to complete one-pagers.  Students who have already submitted a one-pager will engage in free reading during this time.  ALWAYS BRING YOUR FREE READING BOOK TO CLASS.