Sunday, December 7, 2014

English 10 Honors--12/10/2014

Jump Off
--Pick up the following materials from the front table:
  • a BINGO board
  • a highlighter
I will remind you of the directions for getting started with BINGO momentarily, but if you "remember the drill" from 9/24, then you can go ahead and get started!

S. the C.
--directions given for how to fill in BINGO boards (unit words + "helper" word)--I WILL MODEL
--directions given for writing five sentences on the back of your BINGO board (you may NOT just use the sentences from the book)--I WILL MODEL/TALK STRATEGY
--fill in BINGO boards/write sentences quietly and independently--feel free to check your vocabulary homework using the "Teacher's Edition" located on the front table!

Review -- Vocabulary Unit #4 BINGO
--independent work time--finish writing five sentences
--share "how to win" boards
--share information about "board validation" (at podium, share words, basic definitions, and a sample sentence)
--play 3ish games (depending on time)--+1 bonus to winners
--For HW, finish preparing for the Unit #4 vocabulary assessment, which will take place at the beginning of next class.  Good luck!

--recycle or FILE AWAY your BINGO board
--Pick up a copy of the "'Article of the Week' #10 (12/8/-12/12)--2014-2015 School Year" document from the front table.  Purposefully read the directions in the box on the first page and the written response prompt on the last page.  When you have finished reading, put your head down on your desk.
--exemplary peer essay shared--this response particularly stood out for its organization and its attempt to distinguish its claim from those claims in opposition
--Q & A


Required Assignments:
--The Unit #4 vocabulary assessment will take place at the beginning of next class (Friday, 12/12). Finish preparing! REMEMBER THAT WORDS FROM PREVIOUS UNITS ARE "FAIR GAME" ON ANY VOCABULARY QUIZ THEREAFTER (EXCLUDING PAST "WHIMSICAL WORDS")!
--Begin/continue your work with "Article of the Week" #10, which is due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, 12/16.  This task will include purposefully reading the directions in the box on the first page and completing your best work with regard to the directions.
--Purposefully read up to the end of TOMatS by the beginning of next class (Friday, 12/12)--continue with high-quality Post-its (or another form of notes) for discussion/assessment preparation:
  • The basics (characters, setting, conflict, etc.)
  • Christological figure
  • Hero as a literary term
  • Hemingway's writing style (for which he is famous!)
  • Intertextuality with The Alchemist--they're the same story!
  • Stoicism
  • Irony and paradox (make sure to distinguish between these two terms)

Optional (But Highly-Encouraged!) Assignments:
--Don't forget about your free reading book. ALWAYS BRING YOUR FREE READING BOOK TO CLASS. See me if you have finished reading your book and need a one-pager.
--Purposefully read the chapter titled "Yes, She's a Christ Figure, Too" from Thomas C. Foster's How to Read Literature Like a Professor (located on the podium by the door) in order to deepen your understanding of this literary concept.  You should know what qualities to look for in a potential Christological/Christ figure and also have a sense of what authors are "up to" purpose-wise when they create potential Christological/Christ figures.