Wednesday, December 17, 2014

English 10 Honors--12/18/2014

Jump Off
--Turn in your thesis statement by placing it in the black basket on the front table.  After taking a quick look and, if possible, providing some feedback, I will return your thesis statements.

S. the C.
--some controlling questions for today's block:
  • Does my thesis statement fulfill the assigned task?
  • Have I taken a position that others might challenge or oppose?
  • Is my thesis statement specific enough?
  • Does my thesis statement pass the "So what?" test?
  • Does my thesis statement pass the "how and why?" test?
--"top dog" thesis statement shared with the class/briefly discussed through the lens of today's controlling questions

Writing Workshop -- The Alchemist and The Old Man and the Sea Culminating Essay Assignment
--today's purpose:
  • continue gathering evidence (if necessary)
  • for each piece of evidence:
    • Decide if the evidence will be presented as a direct quotation--if so, how much of the quotation will be used?
    • Decide if the evidence will be presented as a paraphrase (or even a summary)--if so, paraphrase (or summarize) the piece of evidence using the "look away" method.
    • Begin crafting tiebacks, bearing the following in mind:
      • In an essay, the goal is to convince the reader of the validity of your thesis statement; therefore, the thesis statement itself must be meaningful, and the tiebacks to it must occur often via skillful explanations.
      • Tiebacks connect back to the thesis statement and answer how?/why?
      • If it is extremely difficult to craft a tieback for a piece of evidence, it's likely not a strong piece of evidence!
  • continuously revise thesis statement as needed
--agree upon parameters for today's work block
--work block
--meetings as per the order established on the front board:
  • What is your working thesis statement for your "Culminating Essay Assignment"?
  • How might you organize your essay based on your thesis statement?
  • What are some pieces of evidence that you intend to use?
--"top dog" thesis shared/briefly discussed through the lens of today's controlling questions

Closure -- Evidence/Tieback Share
--cards drawn--selected students share a piece of evidence and tieback

Pre-Vacation Brain Break

Required Assignments:
--Finish "processing through" all of your evidence.  Then, start an outline by doing the following:
  • Re-write your thesis statement in its current version at the top of a sheet of paper.
  • Write a rough topic sentence for your first body paragraph.  (If your thesis statement is strong, simply look at it to determine what your first body paragraph should address!)
  • Roughly outline the contents of your first body paragraph (pieces of evidence, tiebacks, pieces of evidence, tiebacks, etc.)
Though what you are starting is a rough outline, it must be detailed enough for someone else to understand it, as next class, you will trade with a peer in order to provide/garner feedback.
--Bring your vocabulary to class on Monday after break.  PLEASE DO NOT FORGET!
--Enjoy break!  We have over half of a month off--we're lucky.
Optional (But Highly-Encouraged!) Assignment:
--Don't forget about your free reading book, which must be finished by late-January.  ALWAYS BRING YOUR FREE READING BOOK TO CLASS. See me if you have finished reading your book and need a one-pager.