Monday, March 31, 2014

English 10 Honors--4/4/2014

Jump Off
--Engage in some last-minute studying quietly and independently.  As you do so, Mr. Martin will return your Unit #7 quiz so that you can take a quick look and reflect.  Then, he'll be around with the recycling bin.

S. the C.

Assessment -- Vocabulary Unit #8
--When Mr. Martin directs you to do so, pick up the Unit #8 vocabulary quiz from the front table. Complete the quiz quietly and independently. Good luck!
--When you finish with the assessment, pick up the "Lord of the Flies Unit--On-Demand Writing" halfsheet from the front table.

On-Demand Writing -- "Marked for Greatness" in Lord of the Flies
--purposefully read the directions on the halfsheet
--consult and internalize the information written on the front board about Meaning and Development as the categories pertain to this particular written response
--complete the task at hand on a clean sheet of lined paper
--consider planning first, but be mindful of the time--YOUR WRITING RESPONSE IS DUE AT THE END OF THE BLOCK

HW Time

--Purposefully/actively read Chapter Four of Lord of the Flies as preparation for analysis/discussion next class.
--Next week is Hooked on Books--bring something good!