Tuesday, January 21, 2014

English 9--1/24/2014

Jump Off
--Pick up a copy of the "Common Error: Missing or misplaced possessive apostrophe QUIZ" sheet from the front table.  Purposefully read the directions (consider annotating!) and carefully complete the task at hand.  Good luck!
--Reminder: If you received a score lower than 70% on either the compound sentence assessment or the complex sentence assessment (or on both), you must take a re-quiz (or re-quizzes) before the end of the day today. See Mr. Martin ASAP if you haven't taken care of business yet.
*While students work, Mr. Martin returns scored "Graphic Organizer (RL.1, RL.2, W.1, and W.4)" pages from last class.*

S. the C.
--The Artist Formerly Known as Ramillia Kyza still needs to revise and meet with Mr. Martin for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio (s/he has been and will continue to be referred for central detention)

Absences/Make-up Work:  For each class day that you are absent, you will have two days (not class days) counting the day you return to school to complete and submit missed assignments, unless you have made special arrangements with me.  Please check the “Absent?  Look here!” bin and the online blog—both will contain materials and information from the week.  Failure to complete such assignments within the two day window will result in a “0”.  If you are absent from this class because of other school activities (lessons, field trips, etc.), you are still responsible for any missed material and/or assignments during that time.  You will find more information in your assignment planner regarding school attendance policies.  I cannot stress enough that it is your responsibility!  Please, please, please follow these procedures and attempt to see a classmate if you are absent.  Do not expect me to remind you!

  • Long-term assignments (essays, presentations, projects, etc.) will be graded ten (10) points (or 10%) lower per day late, not per class day late.  If you do not have a writing assignment completed on time, you will be required to come in for homeroom detention with me the following day to get assistance and work on completing the assignment.  I expect you to continue coming in during homeroom until the assignment is completed.  Failure to stay for homeroom(s) will result in a central detention.  If after five days you still have not submitted a late long-term assignment, you will receive a “0” (though teachers in the English department have agreed to occasionally use our discretion here). 
  • If you miss a test or quiz for any reason, it is your responsibility to make an appointment with me to make up the work using the “MISSED TEST OR QUIZ APPOINTMENT FORM”.  When you make an appointment, I will confirm the appointment by scheduling you on my calendar, and I will also give you a reminder note.  Like any other appointment, if you miss it, you miss your opportunity—in this case, you forfeit the right of make up.  You have five days (not class days) from the day that you return from being absent to make up a missed test or quiz.  Please do not wait until three or four days after you return to make an appointment, as that will leave you only a few appointment options!
  • Homework is to be completed and turned in on time (more often than not, at the BEGINNING of class), or you will take a “0” and come in the following day for homeroom detention.  As with long-term assignments, failure to stay for homeroom will result in a central detention.  The purpose of homework is to practice what we’ve done or prepare for what we will do that day.  It negates the purpose if you are doing it after we’ve gone over it.  Make sure that your homework is entirely completed, as partial completion=incomplete and will also result in a “0” and homeroom detention.  As always, if you have trouble on an assignment, you should let me know before class (preferably long before class!) so that I can assist you in any way possible. 

--pick up a copy of the "Graphic Organizer--Skills Assessment Rubric" and your Cumulative Writing Portfolio from Mr. Martin at the front table

Writing Workshop #1 -- Odyssey Unit--Graphic Organizer (RL.1, RL.2, W.1, and W.4)
--after reading the top half of the rubric page aloud, Mr. Martin models use of the rubric with a student sample
--independent work time
  • when finished, submit your "Graphic Organizer--Skills Assessment Rubric" and your Cumulative Writing Portfolio
  • analyze the excerpts located on PowerPoint as per the directions
--discuss analysis completed during the last transition--How does a writer establish a meaningful theme statement?
--analyze/discuss exemplary organizer completed by a student last class:
  • pros
  • grows
--independent work time--make one substantial improvement to your work
--FYI: The writing section of your midterm is theme-related (quite similar to the on-demand task completed last class that we just processed through!).

Transition -- pick up the "Monomyth Writing Assignment Style Tip #1--Hyphenated Modifier" sheet from the front table

Writing Workshop #2 -- Monomyth Writing Assignment Style Tip #1--Hyphenated Modifier
--purposefully read the sheet and complete the task at hand--be prepared to share out!
--share out

--look through your Monomyth Writing Assignment draft--can you purposefully add a hyphenated modifier?  Give it a go!

--Keep working on improving your Monomyth Writing Assignment (e.g., consider whether or not to use a/keep your hyphenated modifier).  Continue bringing any materials that you have pertaining to the Monomyth Writing Assignment to class. We will be "workshopping" in class between now and the due date of the assignment, which is Friday, February 7th (two weeks from today).
--The English 9 Midterm Examination will take place on Monday, January 27th from 8:45 to 10:15. In order to finish preparingreview your theme notes, as the writing section of your midterm exam is theme-related (quite similar to the on-demand task completed last class!).