Wednesday, January 22, 2014

English 9--2/4/2014

Jump Off
--Pick up the "Monomyth Writing Assignment--Style Tip #2" sheet from the front table.  Purposefully survey the sheet by doing the following: define any of the bolded terms on the sheet using prior knowledge/the examples provided (figurative language, simile, epic simile, metaphor, personification, and hyperbole).  (MR. MARTIN MODELS IF NECESSARY.)
--The following individuals did not re-quiz for grammar rules by the deadline of Friday before midterm week and will therefore be referred for central detention early tomorrow morning (unless arrangements are made to "take care of business" after school today).  Mr. Martin wants to help you succeed!:
  • Mike (WUBAIS)
  • Antwon Jenkins (WUBAIS)
  • Princess Bell
  • Incinerated Squirrel
  • Loki
  • Mighty Taco
  • Cuddles
  • Moosie
  • Irving Zisman
*Mr. Martin returns "Common Error: Missing or misplaced possessive apostrophe QUIZ"--reflect upon your performance and remember that you must properly use a possessive apostrophe at least once in your Monomyth Writing Assignment*

S. the C.
--The Artist Formerly Known as Ramillia Kyza still needs to revise and meet with Mr. Martin for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio (s/he has been and will continue to be referred for central detention)

Writing Workshop -- Monomyth Writing Assignment
Monomyth Writing Assignment--Style Tip #2 (Figurative Language)
--purposefully read the sheet together and complete the task at hand--be prepared to share out!
--share out
--re-read "Grading Criteria" section of Monomyth Writing Assignment sheet together
--set the parameters for typing block (environment, goals, etc.)
--Transition--pick up a computer from the cart and log in
--independent work block

--The final draft of your Monomyth Writing Assignment is due at the beginning of class both physically and electronically at the beginning of class on Thursday, February 6th (next class).  Make sure to submit work worthy of your pride!