Sunday, January 12, 2014

English 9--1/15/2014

Jump Off (2 mins.)
--Pick up a highlighter and take out your BINGO board.  As soon as attendance is taken care of, the first review game will begin!  If you don't remember what constitutes a win, take a look at the sample boards posted up on the whiteboard.
--The following students need to see Mr. Martin at the end of class today:

  • Carlos
  • Princess Bell
  • Miley Stewart
  • Oranges

  • Review -- Vocabulary Unit #5 BINGO (20 mins.)
    --share information about “board validation” (at desk, share words and basic definitions--NO SAMPLE SENTENCES TODAY)
    --play three games--+1 bonus to winners
    --For HW, finish preparing for the Unit #5 vocabulary assessment, which will take place at the beginning of next class.  Good luck!

    S. the C. (5 mins.)
    --The Artist Formerly Known as Ramillia Kyza still needs to revise and meet with Mr. Martin for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio (s/he has been and will continue to be referred for central detention)

    Looking Ahead -- "Monomyth Writing Assignment" Q & A (20 mins.)
    --discuss annotation quality again (for reading literature, for reading an assignment sheet, for whatever!)
    --look back through all of your annotations for the "Monomyth Writing Assignment" sheet--highlight what you consider to be your three best annotations--be ready to share out!
    --draw cards--one-third of the students share one annotation for discussion--Mr. Martin answers questions, explains, elaborates, etc.
    --wrap-up--Do you need anything else from Mr. Martin in order to be set up for success on this writing assignment?

    Notetaking/Application Activity -- Themes, Theme Statements, and Strong and Thorough Textual Evidence (25 mins.)
    --view "The Best Nest" on YouTube (based on a children's book by P.D. Eastman)--this story will be referred back to when we go through theme notes during the next part of class

    --Transition--pick up the "Odyssey Unit--Theme Notes (RL.2)" page from the front table
    --read through the top half of the notes page, referring back to "The Best Nest" as a base of examples--annotate!
    --independent work--Odyssey emergent themes brainstorming
    --share out
    --directions on back of page read/clarified (if necessary)

    --mindfully complete the back of the theme notes page (gather strong and thorough textual evidence from and develop a theme statement for Odyssey)--when you finish, Mr. Martin will take a look!

    --Finish preparing for the Unit #5 vocabulary assessment, which will take place at the beginning of next classMake sure that you truly know the words, as you will be asked on the quiz to write your own sentences for a few of the words using enough context to clearly show that you have incorporated the chosen words into your own vocabulary.  Good luck!
    --Continue bringing any materials that you have pertaining to the Monomyth Writing Assignment to class. We will be "workshopping" in class between now and the due date of the assignment, which is Friday, January 24th (nine days from today)--WRITE THIS DATE DOWN; YOU'VE BEEN GRANTED ANOTHER EXTENSION, AS MR. MARTIN FORGOT ABOUT THE HOLIDAY! :)
    --Continue updating your annotations based on today's theme work and studying your annotations for "Book Ten: The Grace of the Witch" and "Book Twelve: Sea Perils and Defeat," as a multiple choice assessment will occur next class (AGAIN, YOU'VE BEEN GRANTED AN EXTENSION!). These ongoing multiple choice assessments will be scored, and your overall grade will be reported as your Odyssey Unit Exam grade.
    --The English 9 Midterm Examination will take place on Monday, January 27th from 8:45 to 10:15. In order to continue preparing, FINISH and review your theme notes from today's class, as the writing section of your midterm exam is theme-related.  Also, an on-demand in-class writing task pertaining to theme is likely forthcoming!