Thursday, January 16, 2014

English 9--1/22/2014

Jump Off
--Morgan C./Addyson G./Alli C.: Please grab the grammar hammer from the front of the room and give it a drop. Then, make sure that everyone has a copy of the sheet entitled "Common Error: Missing or misplaced possessive apostrophe".
--Reminder: If you received a score lower than 70% on either the compound sentence assessment or the complex sentence assessment (or on both), you must take a re-quiz (or re-quizzes) before the end of the day this Friday. See Mr. Martin ASAP for supplemental materials meant to help deepen your understanding.
--The following student needs to see Mr. Martin at the end of class today:
  • Oranges
S. the C.
--The Artist Formerly Known as Ramillia Kyza still needs to revise and meet with Mr. Martin for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio (s/he has been and will continue to be referred for central detention)
--purposefully read through the top half of the first page of the grammar hammer sheet together--Mr. Martin models/shares notes

Grammar Hammer Instruction -- Missing or Misplaced Possessive Apostrophe
--independently complete the PRACTICE

--go over the PRACTICE together

--For HW, prepare for an assessment about the possessive apostrophe--HOW?!

Assessment/Self-Reflection -- Odyssey Unit--Books Ten and Twelve Close Reading Multiple Choice (Unit Exam)
--go through the last section of your unit exam--star (*) two questions that you got correct for which you could successfully explain your logic (MR. MARTIN MODELS)
--go over the last twelve multiple choice questions via sharing logical conclusions (exam questions projected on the SmartBoard)

--When finished, turn in your assessment packets by placing them in the black basket on the front table.
--Pick up a copy of the "Graphic Organizer (RL.1, RL.2, W.1, and W.4)" page from the front table.  You have the rest of class to carefully complete the task at hand.  THIS ASSIGNMENT WILL COUNT AS A WRITING GRADE IN YOUR QUARTER 2 AVERAGE.

Closure -- Ticket-Out-the-Door
--Submit your on-demand writing task by placing your work in the black basket on the front table.

--Prepare for an assessment about the possessive apostrophe, which will take place at the beginning of next class.
--Continue bringing any materials that you have pertaining to the Monomyth Writing Assignment to class. We will be "workshopping" in class between now and the due date of the assignment, which is Friday, February 7th (sixteen days from today)--WRITE THIS DATE DOWN; YOU'VE BEEN GRANTED ANOTHER EXTENSION (YOU'RE SO LUCKY!!!), AS MR. MARTIN DOES NOT WANT TO RUSH SUBMISSION OF THE ASSIGNMENT.  IT'S MORE IMPORTANT THAT THE ASSIGNMENT IS DONE WELL.
--The English 9 Midterm Examination will take place on Monday, January 27th from 8:45 to 10:15. In order to continue preparing, review your theme notes, as the writing section of your midterm exam is theme-related (quite similar to the on-demand task completed in class today).