Friday, September 6, 2013

English 10 Honors--9/11/2013

Class Meeting--will conclude at???

Jump Off
--Pick up both the "Questions to Ask Yourself When You Are Assigned a Writing Task" sheet and the "Thematic Writing Assignment--Partner Interviews" sheet from the front table.  Also, you might want to grab a highlighter!  First, purposefully read the "Questions..." sheet.  Then, purposefully read the assignment sheet and respond to the "Questions..." accordingly.  Your goal here is to fully "wrap your mind around" our first writing assignment of the school year.

S. the C.
--discuss shortened Block 2 both today and Friday
--process through the J.O. together
--information about Cumulative Writing Portfolio blog post--THIS FIRST ASSIGNMENT WILL BE INCLUDED WITHIN THE PORTFOLIO

Teambuilder/Research/Writing Workshop -- Thematic Essay Writing Assignment--Partner Interviews
--gather (yet AGAIN--now with a better understanding of the assignment!) additional information about your first partner from a few classes ago--DON'T FORGET TO GET A DIRECT QUOTE!
--Transition -- return to desks and take out a clean sheet of lined paper--label the page "My First Major English 10 Honors Writing Assignment--Here Goes!"
--Mr. Martin shares two-three introductions from sample essays from the past--what does it take to craft a quality introduction?
--quick-write your introduction (12 minutes)--do we need to review how quick writes work?
--review the purpose, structure, etc. of a thesis statement--do you have a quality thesis statement?

HW Time (time permitting) -- MLA Format Review/Instruction

--Prior to next class, reread your introduction "rough draft" from today’s Writing Workshop block.  Make any necessary changes in order to improve your writing piece.  Then, type your introduction in proper MLA format for submission at the beginning of next class block.  Your final essay will be due next week on Tuesday, 9/17, so plan accordingly!  We will have computer access on Friday, so you might want to bring a flashdrive with your saved work as well.
--The following website should help you create a document in MLA format: