Monday, September 9, 2013

English 9--9/12/2013

In the Door
--find your name card and sit in the corresponding desk

Jump Off
--concept of the Jump Off explained again (REMINDER)
--pick up the assignment sheet from the front table

S. the C.
--information about blog (REMINDER)
--hand out "Mr. Martin's Office Hours--Rm. 203" quarterslip

--read the assignment sheet aloud--Mr. Martin responds to clarifying questions

Assessment -- Reading and Writing Skills
--work quietly and independently until you have finished your best work (45 minutes minimum--you may not work beyond the end of the block)

Transition -- when finished, place materials in the black basket on the front table and complete work for other classes ("Study Hall" until all students are finished working)

Brain Break -- "Mum Ball"/Community Circle
--when and if everybody finishes writing, we will play "mum ball" and/or continue Community Circle so that Mr. Martin can continue learning names!

--Enjoy the weekend!