Tuesday, September 10, 2013

English 10 Honors--9/13/2013

Opening Ceremony--will conclude at???

Jump Off
--Turn in your typed-in-MLA format introduction by placing it in the black basket on the front table. 
--Grab a laptop from the cart up front and get yourself logged in.

S. the C.
--discuss shortened Block 2 today
--hand out "Mr. Martin's Office Hours--Rm. 203" quarterslip


--Mr. Martin randomly shares a few introductions--discuss as a group via "Pros and Grows" framework--how can you further improve your introduction while working today?
--Cumulative Writing Portfolio blog post gone over in detail--clarifying questions asked/answered

Writing Workshop -- Thematic Essay Writing Assignment--Partner Interviews
--MLA format--a "crash course" (if not completed last class)
--information about deft integration of direct quotations handed out--SEE MR. MARTIN FOR A COPY IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ONE
--outlining/drafting time--how can Mr. Martin help?

--The Thematic Essay Writing Assignment--Partner Interviews essay (your best effort) is due at the beginning of next class typed in MLA format.  We will not use class time for peer/self-editing on Tuesday--what you submit is your final piece for Mr. Martin's eyes!