Saturday, June 8, 2013

English 10 Honors--6/10/2013

Jump Off
--This is our project presentation/share order for today: Laurence, Zachary, Kaitlin, Gil, Sara, Anika, Gabrielle, Leyla, Jenna H., Jenna P., Bryan, Noelle, Emily L., Julianna, Emily C., Hali, Travis, Kathleen, Grandbear, Derrick, and Alyssa.  Laurence: Be ready in about three minutes! 
--Turn in any and all books that belong to me by placing the books on the front table.

S. the C.--agenda

  • The due date for submitting any revisions for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio is today (it's our last class day!)--The following student needs to submit an assignment to mastery in order to complete the portfolio: Grilled Cheese Day.  Don't forget to HIGHLIGHT your revisions.
  • NOTE: You cannot advance to English 11 without a completed Cumulative Writing Portfolio.
--reminder about Obligation Forms for books not turned in
--discuss expectations for presentations/shares

Presentations/Shares/Refreshments? -- The Final Project
--place project on one of the countertops around the classroom following presentation/share
  • empty your returned work manila folder--leave the empty folder on the front table
  • look at your two not-scored writing pieces (one from the beginning of the school year and another from a few weeks ago)--any obvious growth?!
  • take a look back through the contents of your Cumulative Writing Portfolio (which you can take home with you)--theoretically speaking, you will receive at least an 80-85% on future Livonia High School writing assignments if you submit the caliber of work that you eventually submitted to the portfolio for each assignment

Sharpening the Saw
--Apples to Apples/Loaded Questions?
--If you still need to finish up revisions and/or need to meet with Mr. Martin, do so during this block of time.

 "He nods, as if to acknowledge that endings are almost always a little sad, even when there is something to look forward to on the other side."