Thursday, August 29, 2013

English 10 Honors--9/5/2013

In the Door  (3 mins.)
--sit at desk with HW pass
--purpose of HW pass

Jump Off  (5 mins.)
--concept of the Jump Off explained
--write down five interview questions on index card--Mr. Martin provides a few examples

Anticipatory Set  (5 mins.)
--information about blog

Activity #1 -- Teacher Introduction  (15-20 mins.)
--Mr. Martin introduces himself via "Who is Mr. Martin?" PowerPoint/bulletin board

Activity #2 -- Partner Interviews/Research  (35 mins.)
--form pairs by drawing cards
--in partnerships, conduct interviews/take notes (10 mins.)
--Transition -- form two lines (partners facing partners)--shift the line
--in new partnerships, conduct interviews/take notes (10 mins.)

Transition -- HW materials up/directions given (3 mins.)   

HW Time -- Mr. Martin's "Non-Negotiable Expectations and Procedures"  (10 mins.)
--engage in purposeful reading of document in preparation for assessment next class

--Purposefully read the policy sheet and bring the necessary materials to next class.  Have your parent(s)/guardian(s) review the letter and the policy sheet, and bring signature slip to next class for a 100% homework grade.
--Be ready for an ASSESSMENT next class about the policies.
--If you have not done so already, bring your English 9 binder to Room 203--we will be using the binders for English 9 review soon!