Sunday, June 2, 2013

Senior English--6/5/2013

Jump Off
--If you plan on sharing your final assignment today, write your name up on the front board. If you did not share on Monday/do not share today, you will be on the agenda for Friday following the The Kite Runner novel exam.
--Clear your desks of all but a writing utensil in anticipation of the Senior English Post-Assessment.

S. the C.

--remind students about Obligation Forms--books turned in
--tally for Friday (Block 4)
--materials handed out/directions for post-assessment

Assessment -- Senior English Post-Assessment
--carefully complete the assessment
--when finished, place your test materials on the floor and sign gift for Mrs. Rossiter/begin reading The Kite Runner

Transition -- post-assessments in

Group Share -- The Final Assignment

Film -- Marc Forster's The Kite Runner

--continue (finish?) viewing the film/considering items on the sheet
--If you still need to revise your research paper (or another assignment) to achieve mastery for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio and/or need to meet with Mr. Martin, do so during this block of time.  WE HAVE ONE MORE CLASS TOGETHER AFTER TODAY.

Closure -- Discuss the Film/Novel


--The last day for sharing of the final assignment will be next class (Friday, 6/7/2013), as we are out of time!  Mr. Martin's model from last week should set the bar for expectations (a visual and specific details)--look to reach (or go above and beyond!) the bar.
--Finish reading The Kite Runner by next class (Friday, 6/7/2013), as the final novel exam will take place at the beginning of classContinue reviewing your "Mini-Research Presentation Notes" as well.
--If you need to continue revising your research paper (or another assignment) in order to achieve mastery for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio (your Senior English Final Exam), the end of the day Friday is pretty much your last opportunity.
--Turn in any books that you owe to Mr. Martin ASAP!