Sunday, June 2, 2013

Senior English--6/7/2013

Jump Off
--Clear your desks of all but a writing utensil in anticipation of the novel exam for The Kite Runner.
--Place your copy of The Kite Runner on the front table.

S. the C.
--remind students about Obligation Forms--books turned it

  • The due date for submitting any revisions for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio, which is your Senior English Final Exam, is today (it's our last class day!)--The following students need to submit revisions to mastery in order to complete the portfolio: BLOCK 4: Yellow Raincoat, Clock, Pajamas, Grinch, and Chalk. Don't forget to HIGHLIGHT your revisions.
  • NOTE: You cannot graduate without a completed Cumulative Writing Portfolio.
--exam handed out/directions given

Assessment -- The Kite Runner Exam
--complete the exam quietly and independently
--when finished with the exam, turn it in and:
*empty your returned work manila folder--leave the empty folder on the front table
*take a look back through the contents of your Cumulative Writing Portfolio--theoretically speaking, those of you who are college bound will receive at least a high-C/low-B on writing assignments if you submit the caliber of work that you eventually submitted to the portfolio for each assignment (e-mail me next year and let me know how you're doing!)
*take your WANTED poster from the pile in the back of the classroom—WILL YOU KEEP THE POSTER AS A SOUVENIR OR LEAVE IT FOR ME?

Group Share -- The Final Assignment

Sharpening the Saw
--refreshments (incentive from final vocabulary quiz)
--Apples to Apples/Loaded Questions?
--The Best of Will Ferrell?
--If you still need to finish up revisions of your research paper (or another assignment) and/or need to meet with Mr. Martin, do so during this block of time.

"He nods, as if to acknowledge that endings are almost always a little sad, even when there is something to look forward to on the other side."