Friday, December 2, 2016

English 9--12/5/2016 & 12/6/2016

Jump Off ("THINK") (3-5 mins.)
--Seat yourselves alphabetically by looking at the name lists taped to the first desk in each column.
--Take out your Stage 3 purposeful reading notes for "St. Lucy's..." and your copy of the story.  Look through your work in order to plan a few contributions for today's brief discussion.
--The following students need to SEE ME before leaving class today--it's important:
  • Grace B.
  • Alex B.
  • Leah E.
  • Mikey H.
  • Hunter L.
  • Alleicia L.
  • Jasmine M.
  • Carter P.
  • Alyssa P.-A.
  • Bryanna R.

S. the C. (5-8 mins.)
--beginning with the end in mind--our ultimate purpose for re-reading the short story:

End-of-Mini-Unit Assessment Writing Prompt:
Write a well-developed paragraph in which you support a meaningful and complex theme statement for Karen Russell's "St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves."  Use at least three pieces of strong textual evidence spanning the entire text, and be sure to tie back to your theme statement often.


"St. Lucy's..."--Stage 3

Transition (3-5 mins.)
--review our classroom "Compact for Group Work"
--At the end of the group work block, I will draw cards and ask the following question: What was the most significant item discussed within your group today?  Make sure that all groups members are prepared to answer this question!
--groups formed for brief Stage 3 discussion (one person from each task)

"GROUP": Share-Out, Note-taking, and Planning Discussion Contributions (8 mins.)
--share annotations and notes with each other, add to personal notes, bearing in mind the "Discussion Contribution Rating Scale"

Transition (2 mins.)

--Pick up a copy of the "Purposeful Reading Tasks--Stage 4 of 'St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves' document from the front table.
--Return to your desks ready to share what you just discussed.

"SHARE": Share-Out/Discussion (8-10 mins.)
--draw cards--students selected share "most significant item"

Literacy Activity -- Purposeful Reading: "St. Lucy's..."--Stage 4 (30-ish mins.)

--Reminder: Following the forthcoming reading block, you will take a multiple choice quiz about the reading aiming to both check your comprehension and check how well you purposefully read with regard to theme development, character complexity and development, purposeful diction, and structure impacting meaning.  You will be allowed to use notes when taking the quiz, but you will not be able to use your copy of the text itself!
--quietly and independently, engage in purposeful reading of Stage 4 by completing all four purposeful reading tasks

Transition (2 mins.)

--Pick up a copy of the "Stage 4 Comprehension and Purposeful Reading Quiz" from the front table.  Make sure to purposefully read each of the questions/prompts.  Good luck!

Assessment -- "St. Lucy's..."--Stage 4 Comprehension and Purposeful Reading Quiz (remainder to class block)

--complete the assessment quietly and independently
--When you finish, engage in free reading until the end of the class block.  If you would like to select (and, perhaps, begin completing) a one-pager, let me know!  If you do not have a free reading book, read Upfront newsmagazine (located in a stack on the front table).  Also, if you are ready to do so, you can quietly browse the classroom library in search of your next free reading book.

HW (Class Preparation)
--Strongly consider planning, gathering evidence, outlining, etc. for the End-of-Mini-Unit Writing Assessment.  This final assessment for "St. Lucy's..." is tentatively scheduled for Friday, 12/9 (BDF) or Monday, 12/12 (ACE), and you are free to use any planning/outlining that you bring with you to the test site.
--Finish reading your free reading book by the beginning of class next time (Wednesday, 12/7 [BDF] or Thursday, 12/8 [ACE]).
  • One-pagers are due at the end of class on Wednesday, 12/7 (BDF) or Thursday, 12/8 (ACE) for those of you who have yet to complete one. We will use some class time on that day to complete one-pagers. Students who have already submitted a one-pager will engage in free reading during this time. ALWAYS BRING YOUR FREE READING BOOK TO CLASS.