Monday, December 12, 2016

English 9--12/19/2016-12/22/2016

Over the course of the next two class blocks, all of the following will occur (though not necessarily in this order).

Hooked on Books (40-45 mins.)
12/19 (BDF) -- Block 2 & Block 3
12/20 (ACE) -- Block 1 & Block 4
12/21 (BDF) -- Block 1 & Block 4
12/22 (ACE) -- Block 2 & Block 3

Jump Off (3-5 mins.)

--Pick up both of the following from the front table: 
  • a copy of the prologue to The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet
  • an index card
--At the top of the lined side of your index card, write your first and last name and the word "Before".  Then, respond in several sentences to the following question:
  • Should today's high school students be required to read Shakespeare or not?

S. the C. (5-8 mins.)
--FYI: Sometime soon after our return from Winter Break, you will be reciting the prologue from memory in front of your classmates.  I thought I would place the text in your possession ASAP so that you can get started mastering it! :)
--agenda/HW for the next two class blocks

Old Business -- Article of the Week #3 (5-8 mins.)
--Today, a similar reading experience and follow-up assessment will occur--what can you "do better" this time so as to prepare?
  • bearing in mind your performance on the assessment and your active/purposeful reading of the article, at the top of your article, ... 
    • jot down one strength you demonstrated 
    • jot down one area for growth
--brief "PROS and GROWS" share-out via a drawing of cards

Looking Ahead -- Article of the Week #4--Debate Circle (20-25 mins.)

--directions given:
  • "anchor in" to our "Compact for Group Work"
  • express your views on the topic presented within the "Jump Off"
  • attempt to introduce and address counterclaims (see the templates written on the whiteboard)
  • determine who within your group will join the inner circle
  • directions MODELED via a volunteer and me
--Transition--five groups selected via a drawing of cards
--follow the above directions until you are instructed to stop
--(Block 3 BDF continues here on 12/21 & Block 1 ACE continues here on 12/22): Transition--form both an outer and inner circle out of the desks
--engage in a "Debate Circle"
  • five students (one from each group) sit in the inner circle and express their views on whether or not today's high school students should be required to read Shakespeare
  • the extra desk in the inner circle is for anyone who wants to come in briefly and add information to the debate, after which he or she must go back to his or her desk
  • students sitting in the outside circle are to be silent until all the students in the inner circle have been heard
  • after the inner circle members have debated the topic, anyone in the outside circle can direct questions to the inner circle members
--Transition--re-column the desks
  • Is the debate circle a good way to think and learn about a topic?  Why or why not?
Transition (5-8 mins.)
--Pick up the "English 9--Article of the Week #4 (12/12-12/16)--2016-2017 School Year" document from the front table.  (Block 2 ACE continues here on 12/22):  Purposefully read the directions in the box at the top of the page. What questions do you have?
--Q & A/MODELING (if necessary)

Literacy Activity -- Article of the Week #4 (8-10 mins.)

--(Block 4 BDF continues here on 12/21 with the final two pages of the article following Hooked on Books): engage in active/purposeful marking up of the text as I read it aloud in preparation for both a follow-up multiple choice assessment and a circle discussion
--finish actively/purposefully marking up the text
--review your annotations as preparation for the forthcoming assessment

Transition (1-2 mins.)
--Pick up a copy of the "QUIZ--Article of the Week #4" document from the front table.  Complete the assessment quietly and independently.  Good luck!

Assessment -- QUIZ--Article of the Week #4 ("10 Things You Didn't Know About Shakespeare") (10-12 mins.)
--finish completing the assessment
--When you finish, place your assessment on the floor next to your desk and engage in free reading until everyone is finished. 

Transition (3 mins.)
--Form a ROYGBIVBlackGrayWhite-by-most-prominent-color-in-shirt circle out of the desks.

Circle Discussion -- Article of the Week #4 (until 8 mins. remaining in class)
--today's discussion protocol:
  • I need a scribe to "mark up" the article on the SMART Board--any volunteers?
  • We will begin by going over the "quiz" prompt/question-by-prompt/question.
    • How "good" was your active/purposeful reading?  How can you continue moving forward?
  • Raise your hand if you want to offer a response/answer as well as your rationale for selecting your choice.
  • Once we are finished going over the "quiz", we will finish discussing the article via your active/purposeful annotations/responses.
  • Raise your hand if you want to offer a contribution, but be aware of the signal (whether intended or not) that a raised hand sends to a speaker.  Think about when to raise your hand.
  • Unless a discussion thread is clearly "dying out", contributions should relate to/build upon whatever was previously shared.  If you intend to "switch gears" with a contribution, make sure that your intentions are fine by the greater majority.
  • The next contributor is selected by the previous contributor.  Try to "rope in" as many contributors as possible throughout the discussion.
  • Everyone must contribute at least once to today's discussion, and no one is permitted to share more than twice.
  • Contributions will be assessed via the "Discussion Contribution Rating Scale".
  • I reserve the right to... 
    • "jump in" whenever appropriate
    • randomly select students to share.
--go over the "quiz"/discuss Article of the Week #4 until 8 minutes remaining in class
  • If time permits, hand out the "Straight from Shakespeare" document and use its contents in order to extend the discussion.
Transition -- re-column the desks (1-2 mins.)

Closure -- Ticket-Out-the-Door
--On the back of your index card, write the word "After".  Then, continue writing with regard to the following questions, making sure to include VALID reasons:
  • Should today's high school students be required to read Shakespeare or not?
  • Is your answer to this question still the same as it was when we began the lesson that we are currently wrapping up?  Why or why not?
HW (Class Preparation)
--Strongly consider working on mastering the prologue.
--Enjoy Winter Break--what a gift!
--Read a substantial chunk of your free reading book over Winter Break.  ALWAYS BRING YOUR FREE READING BOOK TO CLASS!