Monday, October 5, 2015

Poe's "The Masque of the Red Death" Pre-reading Notes (English 10 Honors)

The following is a list of items from the short story along with "guesses" from the Block 2 class about what each of the items might suggest or symbolize.  These predictions were made before reading the story in order to potentially help in a reading of the story at the allegorical level.
  • Prospero -- prosperity, wealth, nobility
  • Abbey -- religion, God, the devil, the world
  • Party guests (masked) -- hiding, facelessness, mysteriousness
  • 7 -- luckiness vs. unluckiness, religion and creation, 7 Deadly Sins (e.g., wrath, greed, sloth, etc.)
  • Blue -- security, "baby blue," water, sky, possibility
  • Purple -- royalty, regalness
  • Green -- nature, life, prosperity, luck, greed
  • Orange -- caution, loneliness
  • White -- calmness, purity, a coming together of everything
  • Violet -- youthfulness, childishness
  • Black/Red -- death, life, gore, blood, fire
  • Clock -- time's endless progression, the inevitability of death for all
  • Masked figure -- death personified, fear, the devil