Friday, October 23, 2015

English 9--10/28/2015

Jump Off (1 min.)
--Pick up the "Drawing Study Strategy" sheet from the front table.

S. the C. (8-10 mins.)
--rough goals from last class read aloud

Study Strategy Practice/Review -- Vocabulary Unit #3 (15-20 mins.)
--information shared about the "incentive plan"
--"Drawing Study Strategy" MODELED on the front board (word, part of speech, easy-to-remember synonym, and easy-to-visualize drawing)
--independent work time--implement the "Drawing Study Strategy" for at least five of the Unit #3 words
--share out--five more words added to the front board (ideally via volunteers, but cards will be drawn if necessary)

Transition (2 mins.)
--Pick up the "Feedback Analysis: Standards Assessments (RI.2, RI.3, RI.4, RL.2, W.2, and W.4)" document from the front table (Block 2 and Block 3).  After spending some time familiarizing ourselves with the document, its purpose, and how to use it, you will receive your last two standards assessments.

Self-Reflection/Skills and Writing Workshop (cont.) -- Standards Assessments--Feedback Analysis and Improvements (RI.2, RI.3, RI.4, RL.2, W.2, and W.4) (35-40 mins.)
--REMINDER: With assessments such as these, I aim to...

  • assess your skills and arrive at a fair score to report
  • provide feedback that helps you move forward
  • , ultimately, take what I hope is your best work and then do my best work in order to make your best work better.
--using the feedback analysis document and making improvements MODELED for the first few items on the first assessment

  • Pick up both a colored pencil (all blocks) and your assessments (Block 2 and Block 3) from the front table.  When you arrive back at your desk, do the same "thing" that I just modeled with your own work. 
--share out: What did you conclude/do? (three students share--cards drawn if necessary)
--process repeated for the rest of the first assessment
--familiarize ourselves (again!) with the four writing categories that will frame our writing work this school year (Content and Analysis; Command of Evidence; Coherence, Organization, and Style; and Control of Conventions) via PowerPoint slide
--exemplar shared for the second assessment
--continue making a list of "pros" and "grows" as you process through feedback that I provided--attend to at least one comment in colored pencil
--share out: What did you conclude/do? (three different students share--cards drawn if necessary)

"Setting the Table" -- Academic/Purposeful Re-reading of "St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves" (flex time)
--beginning with the end in mind--our ultimate purpose for re-reading the short story:

End-of-Mini-Unit Assessment Writing Prompt:
Write a well-developed paragraph in which you support a meaningful and complex theme statement for Karen Russell's "St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves."  Use at least three pieces of strong textual evidence spanning the entire text, and be sure to tie back to your theme statement often.

--more specific purposeful reading tasks shared and MODELED one-by-one for the epigraph and first paragraph of Stage 1:
  • Task A--RL.2 (Theme)
  • Task B--RL.3 (Character)
  • Task C--RL.4 (Diction)
  • Task D--RL.5 (Structure)
--purposeful reading tasks assigned for Stage 1 (see class rosters)

Closure -- Ball Toss (remainder of class--time permitting)
--If the ball is thrown to you, complete one of the following sentence-starters:
  • One English skill that I am going to work on getting better at is...
  • Something I noticed in Stage 1 of "St. Lucy's..." that I hadn't noticed the first time is...
  • Next time we meet, my job will be to...
HW (Class Preparation)
--Finish preparing for the Unit #3 vocabulary quiz, which will take place at the beginning of next class (Friday, 10/30), bearing in mind your rough goal set during last class.  I invite you to finish your "Drawing Study Strategy" sheet from today's class and use the sheet as part of your preparation process.  REMEMBER THAT WORDS FROM PREVIOUS UNITS ARE "FAIR GAME" ON ANY VOCABULARY QUIZ THEREAFTER!  Don't forget about the incentive plan!
--Read your free reading book for at least 10 minutes between now and next class.  ALWAYS BRING YOUR FREE READING BOOK TO CLASS.  You have up until the first week of December to finish your book.
--Come to class next time prepared to begin grappling with "St. Lucy's..."  I'm looking forward to it!