Thursday, October 15, 2015

English 10 Honors--10/19/2015


You took the vocabulary quiz, traded and graded, reviewed the "Reading Literature Like a Champ!" list, learned about the culminating writing assignment, and then reread/discussed about one-third of "The Masque of the Red Death."  At the end of the class block, you had a few minutes to reflect and add to your "The Final Countdown" sheet from the previous block.

HW (Class Preparation)
--Read your free reading book for at least 15 minutes between now and next class. ALWAYS BRING YOUR FREE READING BOOK TO CLASS.
HW (Writing)
--The due date for submitting a revised Thematic Writing Assignment--Partner Interviews essay for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio is November 13th (just under one month from today)--YOU MUST schedule a meeting with me to go over your revisions; simply handing in the revisions is unacceptable as per the protocol. When time permits, meetings can/will occur during class time.
--Continue writing your short story and argumentative paragraphs. The final draft of the assignment is due on Thursday, 10/29, which is next week already!  Remember that I am available to discuss your ideas, read sections of your drafts, etc. so long as you take the initiative to work with me.