Wednesday, October 28, 2015

English 10 Honors--10/29/2015

Jump Off (2 mins.)
--Get back with your partner/group from last class in order to finish writing your literary analysis paragraph.  Make sure that your duo/group is "anchored in" to the "Compact for Group Work" again before you get rolling.

S. the C. (3-5 mins.)
--list of students needing to revise for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio shared

Group Work/Writing Workshop (cont.) -- Culminating Assignment: "The Masque of the Red Death" Literary Analysis Paragraph (15-20 mins.)
--work in your duos/groups (as defined by the "Compact for Group Work") to finish writing a paragraph as directed by the task to which you have been assigned

Transition -- form a circle out of the desks and take out your "Short Story Analysis Sheet" for "The Masque of the Red Death" (2 mins.)

Group Work Closure/Discussion -- Wrapping up "The Masque of the Red Death" (20-25 mins.)
--oral reading of literary analysis paragraphs/Q & A
--final discussion as per the "After reading" section of the "Short Story Analysis Sheet"

Transition (2-3 mins.)
--directions given for the next activity
--form groups of three or four

Writing Workshop -- Short Story Writing Assignment (flex time)
--purposeful oral reading/purposeful listening:

  • Purpose while reading:
    • read clearly and deliberately so that your peers can follow along--if and when you hear an error, stop and make a note on your story
  • Purposes while listening:
    • work to answer these questions:
      • What themes emerge from the short story?
      • By the end of the story, what do you learn/understand about each of the emergent themes?  In other words, what viable theme statements can you develop?
    • offer any helpful suggestions that come to your mind as each of your peers is sharing
--If your group finishes and others are still collaborating, return to your desk and engage in free reading until you receive further instructions.

Transition (1 min.)
--Turn to the section of your notebook that contains your Short Story Unit notes.  Date the page (10/29/2015) and label this section of your notes "Realism as a Literary Movement".

Note-taking -- Realism as a Literary Movement (3-5 mins.)

--bear in mind that Guy de Maupassant's "The Necklace," our next unit work, was written during this movement

Transition -- pick up a copy of the "Short Story Analysis Sheet," a story map (if desired), and a copy of "The Necklace" from the front table (2 mins.)

HW Time -- “The Necklace” Purposeful Reading (time permitting)
--purposefully read “The Necklace” (use “Short Story Analysis Sheet”)

HW (Take-Home Assessment)
--Finish Article of the Week #3 to turn in at the beginning of class next time (Monday, 11/2).  This task will include purposefully reading the directions in the box at the top of the page and completing your best work with regard to the directions.  Feel free to take the initiative to submit your work early!
HW (Class Preparation)
--Begin/finish purposefully reading “The Necklace” prior to the beginning of next class (Monday, 11/2) via the "Short Story Analysis Sheet".  Be prepared for an assessment and/or a discussion about the reading next class.
--Bring your vocabulary book to class next time (Monday, 11/2)--please do not forget!
--Read your free reading book for at least 15 minutes between now and next class. ALWAYS BRING YOUR FREE READING BOOK TO CLASS.  You have up until the first week of December to finish your book.
HW (Writing)
--The due date for submitting a revised Thematic Writing Assignment--Partner Interviews essay for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio is Friday, 11/13 (just over two weeks from today)--YOU MUST schedule a meeting with me to go over your revisions; simply handing in the revisions is unacceptable as per the protocol. When time permits, meetings can/will occur during class time.

--Finish improving your short story based on today's collaboration and type your argumentative paragraphs as directed.  A perfected version of each writing piece is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, 11/4.