Tuesday, October 28, 2014

English 9--10/30/2014 & 10/31/2014

Jump Off (5-8 mins.)
--Take out your "Learning Standards" and "Learning Standards--Unit Items and Progress Self-Assessment" documents.  Then, complete the following tasks quietly and independently. 
  • Thinking back to what we accomplished over the course of the past few classes, mindfully fill in/add to some rows of the “What Have We Done?” and “How Am I Doing?” columns.  You should focus especially on the W.2, W.4, W.5, and W.9 rows.  I actually plan on calling on a few of you later in the block to share your reflections--just an FYI!
  • Reread RL.4 on your "Learning Standards" document, focusing especially on "analyze...tone".  What do you think this section of the standard means?
  • Take out your personal copy of “St. Lucy’s...”

S. the C. (8-10 mins.)
--quick share-out as per the Jump Off--today's class is very much an RL.4-driven lesson
--today's class also presents an opportunity to apply standard SL.1 by aiming to participate effectively in a collaborative discussion--you will likely pose and respond to questions, incorporate each other into the discussion, and challenge/verify each other's ideas and conclusions
Transition (5-10 mins.)
--Pick up a copy of the "Tone Analysis Questions for the Beginning of Stage 4 (RL.4)" document from the front table.  Back at your desk, purposefully read the directions, the information in the table, and the twelve questions quietly and independently.
  • Q & A
  • I will model one response--majority rules!

Pair Work/Discussion -- “St. Lucy’s…”--Tone Analysis for the Beginning of Stage 4 (40-45 mins. total)
--mindfully complete the task at hand quietly and independently (10 mins.)
--Transition--form partnerships and continue working (10-15 mins.)
--Transition--recolumn the desks/return to assigned seats (2 mins.)
--share out/discuss (cards drawn if necessary)--as I mark up the text on the SmartBoard, do the same on your personal copy of the text (15-20 mins.)

Transition (5-8 mins.)
--Pick up the "Tone Analysis Ticket-Out-the-Door" from the front table.  Complete the exit ticket quietly and independently and place your work in the black basket on the front table when you are finished.

DEAR -- Free Reading Books (remainder of class [time permitting])
--students without books will read Upfront Magazine

--Read back through your responses to the questions/prompts in the "Tone Analysis Questions for the Beginning of Stage 4 (RL.4)" document, making sure to respond to any questions/prompts that are currently blank.
--Read your free reading book for at least 15 minutes between now and next class. Your book must be finished by early-November. ALWAYS BRING YOUR FREE READING BOOK TO CLASS.
--Bring your vocabulary book next time just in case we need it.  Please do not forget!
--Enjoy the weekend--you only get so many of 'em!

Backburner Goals (Mr. Martin's Note-to-Self):
  • Revisit methods for finding key details in nonfiction (use notes from last class later in school year)
  • Review the parts of speech as introduction to our grammar work/in order to aid in vocabulary study