Tuesday, October 21, 2014

English 9--10/24/2014 & 10/27/2014

Jump Off (15-20 mins.)
--Turn in your purposefully read Article of the Week #5 by placing your work in the black basket on the front table.
--Pick up the following items from the front table:
  • the Unit #3 vocabulary assessment 
  • an index card
Complete the quiz quietly and independently.  Good luck!

S. the C. (8-10 mins.)
--trade and grade
--return quizzes to rightful owners--reflect on performance and note still-not-mastered words in vocabulary books--I will collect quizzes momentarily
--this rough objective is carried over yet again:
  • Leave with a better understanding of how most of your written responses this year have and will be scored and how understanding how to write a well-developed paragraph (or paragraphs in the case of an essay) "feeds in" to performing well on written responses
--Reminder: This is the Mid-Mini-Unit Assessment/Writing Assignment prompt:

Choose one character from St. Lucy's who adapts to change and one who resists it. Explain the differences in the actions of the two characters using strong and thorough evidence from the text. Use the first three stages of Lycanthropic Culture Shock to help you organize your written response.

After the Quiz/Transition #1 (5-10 mins.)
--On your index card, thoughtfully respond to the following questions about the Mid-Mini-Unit Assessment/Writing Assignment:
  • Who are the characters we should focus on for this prompt?  Why?
  • What about the characters should we focus on in this writing piece?
  • How might we organize/structure this writing piece?
  • What is the proper way to parenthetically reference any direct quotations used in this writing piece?
Remember that your writing packet from the last two classes contains additional information about the assessment/writing assignment.

Transition #2 (8-10 mins.)
--discussion protocol/"Discussion Contribution Rating Scale" (both aligned to the Speaking and Listening [SL] standards) reminder
--3 vs. 4 modeling
--Take out your personal copy of “St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves” and skim through your annotations from the end of last week (recall that you were assigned a section, given time to annotate, and then highlighted a few points for discussion) 
--form an alphabetical-by-middle-name circle out of the desks in NO MORE THAN 2 MINUTES

Discussion/Writing Workshop (cont.) -- "St. Lucy's..."--Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 Annotations and the Mid-Mini-Unit Assessment/Writing Assignment (20-30 mins.)
--engage in discussion as per the protocol--in all four classes, no one else can contribute until the five students named by me have done so
--Perhaps these questions will help you focus your contributions:
  • What is one mark or code you included on the text? Where?
  • What thinking did you write on the text next to the mark/code?

--As I mark up the text on the SmartBoard, do the same on your personal copy of "St. Lucy's..."
--discuss the questions posed during the "After the Quiz/Transition #1" block as preparation for the assessment/writing assignment--taking notes is absolutely in your best interest! :)

Transition (2 mins.) 
--re-column the desks
--pick up the "Feedback Analysis: Article of the Week #4 'They Say' Written Response" halfsheet from the front table

Closure/Looking Ahead (last 10 mins.)
--After I model for you how to use your rubric, my comments, and the halfsheet via an exemplary writing piece, process your performance and my feedback via the halfsheet.  If you have any questions for me, add your name to the list on the front board, and I will meet with as many of you as I can between now and the end of the block.

--Finish organizing/outlining your thoughts and evidence in preparation for writing your Mid-Mini-Unit Assessment/Writing Assignment in-class next time (Tuesday, 10/28 [ACE] or Wednesday, 10/29 [BDF]).  Make sure that you are fully familiar with the assignment and how it will be scored/reported, and come next time ready to do your best work.  We have been working hard building toward this!  Any questions?!
--Read your free reading book for at least 15 minutes between now and next class. Your book must be finished by early-November. ALWAYS BRING YOUR FREE READING BOOK TO CLASS.
--Enjoy the weekend--you only get so many of 'em!

Backburner Goals (Mr. Martin's Note-to-Self):
  • Revisit methods for finding key details in nonfiction (use notes from last class later in school year)
  • Review the parts of speech as introduction to our grammar work/in order to aid in vocabulary study