Thursday, July 3, 2014

INTD 170--Day 2 (Thursday, July 10th)

In the Door (3-5 mins.)
--Check in with Miss Mundt:
  • attendance
  • submit your signed contract if you did not do so on Day 1--if you do not have this today, bring it to class on Monday of next week
  • submit your Interest Inventory assignment
  • submit your typed argument in APA format (Why do I belong...)
--Find the index card with your name on it and sit in the corresponding chair.

S. the C. (10-12 mins.)

  • class ends today at 10:20 AM so that we can get down to Milne 105 for library instruction at 10:30 AM--we will be moving really quickly today!
  • the blog for our course can be accessed here:
--Old Business--Paragraphs about Heroism:
  • thank you for your efforts--/+ for Day 1 participation
  • I used the paragraphs to...
    • get a feel for each student's ability to write on task, voice, skills, etc.
    • determine what mini-lessons to teach in the future regarding basic paragraph structure, grammar, etc. (we've got a little work to do collectively, but no sweat!)
    • find a model to share with the class sometime in the future--the paragraph will be shared anonymously!
--agenda overview
--share "DUE ON"

Review/Modeling/Group Work -- The Curious Researcher Preface/Introduction and The Curious Researcher Presentations (30-35 mins.)
--I am about to share information from the Preface and Introduction of The Curious Researcher via PowerPoint--my purposes:
  • further familiarizing all of you with our course and research process
  • reviewing material for which you are responsible based on last night's assignments
  • modeling for you essentially what you will be doing in groups next class when you present the rest of the text 
--information shared
--chapters assigned:

Chapter 2: Moore, Ragin, Lopez, Sandoval, Okungbowa, and Hargrave
Chapter 3: Pedraza, Chen, Herrera, Imayeguahi, and Fahie
Chapter 4: Greene, Buckley, Richman, Sharma, Perpall, and Graziano
Chapter 5: Vouzianas, Susko, Perez, Joseph, Guan, and Bekoe

--in your assigned groups, do the following (beginning in class and finishing outside of class):
  • flip through your assigned chapter and see what you're dealing with--I suggest evenly dividing up the pages
  • collectively determine your purpose for reading--think of your task as collecting important take-aways (e.g., pointing to and summarizing helpful sections of the chapter) and "news you can use" (e.g., summarizing an exercise)  for yourself and your peers
  • engage in reading/notetaking
  • make arrangements for "stitching together" your contributions in the form of a PowerPoint, Prezi, or something amazing I don't even know about--follow through on these arrangements
  • practice your presentation--each group member is responsible for speaking a little bit next class
  • email me materials (your PowerPoint slides? the link to your Prezi page?  a handout in Microsoft Word?) before the end of the day on Monday, 7/14 (Day 3) so that I can post the materials on myCourses--what we'll essentially end up with is a condensed version of The Curious Researcher (and, thus, a condensed version of the research process that we will faithfully follow throughout INTD 170)
  • Any questions?  Advocate for your understanding now before you get started!
--in-class work time (15-20ish mins.)
*While you work, Miss Mundt and I will be looking at your Interest Inventory assignments, but feel free to call either of us over if you need assistance*

Group Discussion/Assignment Work Time -- Interest Inventory/Research Proposal (25-30 mins.)
--stay within the same groups and take out your "Research Proposal" pages from last class
*Miss Mundt and I will return your Interest Inventories if we have not already done so*
--share some of your ideas from the Interest Inventory assignment with each other with these focusing questions in mind for listeners:
  • Which of his/her ideas do I think will likely work the best in terms of being researchable?
  • Which of his/her ideas fit the course theme the best?  How?
  • What other ideas/questions related to his/her ideas should he/she consider?
--once everyone has had an opportunity to share and listen to suggestions (and, hopefully, have his/her ideas validated!), begin work on the "Research Proposal" assignment, which is due at the beginning of next class.  Though you are only completing this assignment for the one topic that you think you'll end up writing about, still keep in mind a few of your other ideas in case your proposal is not approved.  The goal (and it's an admirable one!) is to have all students approved with a topic/set of potential inquiry questions by the end of the day on Monday so that no one falls behind in the research process.  I hope to have an exemplar of the "Research Proposal" posted on myCourses soon to give you a sense of what your finished product might look like.

Closure -- Q & A (time permitting)


Mandatory assignments:
--Finish preparing your group presentation for The Curious Researcher.  Remember that you are creating both a 10-minute or less presentation (PowerPoint?  Prezi?  Something amazing I don't even know about?) and materials for me to post on myCourses.  Your presentation, which should be clear and polished, will take place next class during our Day 3 session (though some presentations may need to occur during Day 4, but don't count on it!).  Your materials must be emailed to Professor Martin by the end of the day on Monday, 7/14 (Day 3) for posting on myCourses.  Of course, make sure that you can access anything needed electronically for your in-class presentation (e.g., bring a group flashdrive).
--Click on the following link and post a rough version of your Research Proposal as directed before class on Monday.  If you can have this done, say, sooner than Sunday, this would be preferable, as I will grant our librarians access to this Padlet page in order to help us determine whether or not topics will "work"/are researchable:
--Finish your "Research Proposal" form for submission at the beginning of our next session (Day 3).  I hope to have your proposals read and approved (or not approved) by the end of Office Hours on Monday.  Be prepared to "" (Smith, 2014).
--Print out a copy of the document titled "Article Analysis Template for They Say/I Say" from myCourses.  Bring the copy to our next session (Day 3).
Optional assignment:
--If the opportunity arises in the library today, do a preliminary developing knowledge search for your #1 topic idea (and your #2 and #3 just in case).  Make sure that what you ultimately decide on for your final paper proposal is both interesting to you and will work.