Monday, July 28, 2014

INTD 170--Day 10 (Tuesday, July 29th)

In the Door (1-2 mins.)
--Check in with Miss Mundt for attendance.
--Take out a sheet of lined paper and a writing utensil.  Write your name clearly at the top of the paper.

S. the C. (1-2 mins.)
--agenda overview
--information about scoring of final research papers

On-Demand Writing -- My Summer Monomyth (20-25 mins.)

  • After viewing the video clip below, you will complete a free-write in which you tell the story of your AOP Summer Program through the lens of the hero’s journey (monomyth) as defined in the video clip.  What was your status quo?  Who provided you with pivotal assistance?  Did you encounter a crisis?  Etc.
  • As you write, I will project a screen capture of the monomyth cycle circle diagram/play a little inspirational background music!
--View the following YouTube video:
--Clarification of task (if necessary).
--Writing time (e.g., I got my letter in the mail from SUNY Geneseo and discovered that…)
*Article analysis documents returned*
--When finished/time is up, Miss Mundt and I will collect your narrative.

Discussion Activity -- Playing Devil's AdvocateThey Say/I Say ("Don't Blame the Eater," "Why Sports Matter," "We, the Public, Place the Best Athletes on Pedestals," and "Cheating and CHEATING")
--stand up for your "favorite" of the four texts (forming groups)

In groups, do the following as preparation for discussion:
  • spend a few minutes looking through your article analysis templates/the corresponding text and discussing in order to answer this question:
    • Ultimately, what is the author of the text arguing?
  • after answering the question above, discuss and form an argument that offers an alternative/opposite position
  • brainstorm support for your "devil's advocate" claim (e.g., personal anecdotes)/gather support via the library's databases, Google Scholar, etc.--be prepared to share the author's claim, your devil's advocate claim, and well-reasoned validation for your devil's advocate claim
    • personal experience--LCHS
  • share out/further engage in discussion for each text (as, according to Wikipedia, the purpose of playing devil's advocate is to explore an original argument further)--CLASS PARTICIPATION
Sharpening the Saw -- Conversation/Reflection/Refreshments