Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Operation 100 Goals--Day 30

Goal:  Raise my children to be intelligent, compassionate, responsible, successful, and unique by offering them a multitude of experiences
As you can see, Caleb spent some time this morning composing music on his five-key before his nap.  After his nap, he engaged in "tummy time" without any complaints:

Goal:  Have children and become a successful father

            As I went through the day-to-day “stuff” today, I played Mr. Observant and took note of everything that Caleb needs throughout the course of a day (e.g., sleepsack, pajamas, diapers, bottles…the list goes on and on).  I plan to then organize this list and begin packing for the holidays (after my wife checks over the list, of course!).


            I hope this blows your mind as much as it did mine and my wife’s!  The topic: orangeness of baby food.
            Immediately below, you’ll find a picture of homemade sweet potatoes.  By all accounts, this is some pretty orange stuff.  I remember thinking this is crazy orange! the first time we made it:

            Then, we made carrots.  And our lives changed forever.  Check it out:

            Ridiculous, right?  Look at the carrots next to the sweet potatoes and a Clementine:

            I guess what I’m getting at here is this: you may think you know the color orange.  But really, you don’t—not until you’ve pureed some carrots.