Monday, December 12, 2011

Operation 100 Goals--Day 22


Musings from last Friday that I didn’t get a chance to post:

          This morning, I was flipping through the channels while Caleb played (we did the whole passing-the-block-back-and-forth thing again), and on AMC, Fight Club was playing, and it had just started.  I had to watch the whole thing.  I love this movie (and the Chuck Palahniuk novel, for that matter), and I hadn’t seen it in a long time.  As I watched, I was reminded of how ridiculously sweet the movie is.  I had forgotten that Jared Leto was in the film, and I never realized until today that Bob is played by Meat Loaf (actually, I’m quite embarrassed that I didn’t notice now that I think about it…).  Also, you can never go wrong ending a movie with Pixies’ “Where is My Mind?” playing in the background.  I was also reminded while watching this movie that I flat out need to watch more movies.  People are asking me all the time, “Did you see ________________________?”  And my answer, sadly, is always, “No…”  It’s not that I don’t like movies—I just don’t create the time in my life to watch them.  I guess I’m too busy engaging in other forms of entertainment (let’s be honest—READING!).  But as I watched Fight Club, thinking about philosophy (as the movie begs the viewer to do) and recontextualizing the film based on knowing its outcome, I realized I was thoroughly enjoying myself in much the same manner I do when reading.  Why not watch movies more often?  I have a copy of Inception sitting right on my dresser that I borrowed from a coworker, and it’s been there for months now.  Why?  Many people have told me the movie is amazing—I just haven’t made the time to watch it.  The bottom line is I need to watch more movies.  In fact, I’m adding a goal to my list right now.  Here it is: “Make time to watch more movies”.  Watching Fight Club also got me wanting to read another Palahniuk novel sometime in the near future.


            Sitting here on Monday having just re-read this “stuff” from Friday, I am happy to report that I got my hands on Chuck Palahniuk’s 1999 novel Invisible Monsters.  I am currently working on finishing up some books that I’ve only partially read (for example, a book of fiction about golf called The Back Nine, by Billy Mott), but I’ll probably start up Invisible Monsters sometime soon.

Goal:  Keep adding books/reviews to GoodReads each time I finish a book

            This past Saturday, I proctored the ACT at the high school.  Despite getting up a little too early in the morning for my liking, the experience was nice because I got to see several students that I haven’t seen in weeks, and also, I was able to write up a quick review for the novel Little Brother that I just finished:

Goal:  Have children and become a successful father

            I don’t know if any of you are aware of this, but I’ve been working a side job at a place called MBFF.  Though the place has nothing to do with “best friends”, the name does have a ring to it due to the whole "BFF" letter sequence.  Now that I think about it, it is a friendly enough company I guess.  I digress...  MBFF stands for Martin Baby Food Factory, which I’ve been owning and operating for many days now.  It’s all about giving Caleb a variety of tasty options—in the near future: zucchini.  Yum, yum…:

Goal:  Raise my children to be intelligent, compassionate, responsible, successful, and unique by providing them with a variety of experiences

Caleb recently started pounding his open hand on the table while sitting in his highchair.  I thought it might be fun to copy him and essentially “take turns”, so he and I began back-and-forth drumming on the table.  Then, I started counting while hitting the table and then waiting for Caleb to do the same.  I would choose a number anywhere from two up to six with the hope that Caleb would be able to copy the same amount of hits on the table when his turn came.  Caleb got the hang of it fairly quickly and started hitting the table the exact number of times as I did previously.  It really seemed like he was understanding the whole counting concept (though I’m pretty sure he was just watching my facial expression and stopping when I seemed excited!).  It was still pretty cool, though! 
In addition to Caleb’s new math curriculum, my wife and I have both been reinforcing sign language, and we continue reading to him as often as possible.  We have also started working on two new milestones: finger foods and sippy cups.  Check out the pictures below—we’re still in the early stages!: