Thursday, December 15, 2011

Operation 100 Goals--Day 25

Goal:  Have children and become a successful father

            A few days back, I wrote the words “zucchini.  Yum, yum…”  It turns out Caleb begs to differ, which I find surprising.  I LOVE zucchini.  In the summer, we sauté up zucchini, summer squash, and onion at least once a week.  Plus, the Baby Bullet User Manual and Cookbook describes zucchini puree as follows: “A mild and tasty puree that’s chock full of Vitamin C and B6 which support your baby’s developing heart and eyes” (54).  A family favorite AND “mild and tasty”?!  I didn’t think I could go wrong here.
            After slowly introducing zucchini the past couple of days via small spoonfuls here and there, which Caleb definitely disliked as evidenced by his facial expressions and fake coughs, I thought that I could “sneak attack” him this morning by mixing in a whole lot of zucchini with his cereal and milk.  The verdict?  He took twice as long as usual to eat due to the following: opening his mouth hesitantly and rarely, growling, fluttering his eyelids, scrunching up his nose so that it had at least four wrinkles in it (which I didn’t even know he could do), biting down hard on his spoon, and leaning further and further back in his highchair throughout the course of the feeding.
            When it was all said and done, he ate about ¾ of the bowl.  Based on reflection, I think that we will slip him little bits of zucchini until it’s all gone and then maybe never make it again or at least wait for a while before reintroducing it.  This half hour sequence this morning was not exactly a success, but I feel that reflecting on a daily basis is important.