Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Operation 100 Goals--Day 16

I mentioned yesterday that we’ve really been getting into the Christmas spirit here at the Martin home.  I’ll be honest—I’m usually not “that guy” and therefore am not all that excited until a week before the big day at the earliest, but for whatever reason, this year has been different.  And then……our Christmas tree fell over last night while we were decorating.  I guess that’s what we get for our enthusiasm!  Therein lies the purpose of the Martin men trip to Lowe’s this morning:

Check out that beastly tree stand!  Not only is it twice as big as Caleb, but I’m also pretty sure it could hold a redwood with ease.

Goal:  Continue working hard in the kitchen (splitting dinner duty with Amanda, trying new recipes, experimenting with pairings, etc.)

            Since I’m home all day now, I’ve taken over full dinner duty for the next few months.  I typically sit down on Monday and plan meals for the next five to six days, and then shop for what’s needed.  During the planning process, I like to find at least two or three new recipes to try out.  With that said, I spent part of yesterday planning out a menu for the rest of the week, so after our Lowe’s jaunt, Caleb and I hit up Wegmans (my favorite store, hands down!).  Caleb loved it, as you can see:

When we got home, I put together tonight’s dinner, Mediterranean-Style Pot Roast.  It’s slow-cooking as I type and smelling downright delectable.  Let's hope it tastes just as good.

Goal:  Have children and become a successful father

            In the Day 16 photo, you’ll see that Caleb is chomping on a teether.  He’s got some teeth coming in, one of which is beginning to poke through.  He’s been a little bit uncomfortable as a result, so I gave him frozen teethers throughout the day, and he loved it.  A little relief goes a long way, I guess…