Tuesday, May 16, 2017

English 9--5/18/2017 & 5/19/2017

Jump Off
--Spend the first five minutes of class preparing for today's "Did You Read?" quiz.

S. the C.

--Pick up a copy of the "Divergent Unit--CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE - CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE--Did You Read? Quiz" from the front table.

Assessment -- Divergent Unit--CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE - CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE--Did You Read? Quiz
--complete the quiz--good luck!
--When you finish, place the assessment on the floor next to your desk.  Then, begin reading the next section of Divergent.

--trade and grade--scored assessments returned to test-takers for self-reflection purposes--scored assessments collected

Film -- Neil Burger's Divergent
--view the film

HW (Class Preparation)
--Purposefully read up to the end of page 332 of Divergent by following the directions on the halfsheet titled "Divergent Unit--Purposeful Reading Tasks".  These reading tasks are aligned with the writing sections of the English 9 Final Examination!  You should also consider jotting down any notes that...
  • help you get the "gist"
  • relate to anything that came up in discussion last class.
--Following each section of reading of DivergentI still reserve the right to administer "Did You Read?" assessments similar to those that you have been taking.  If you have completed a successful reading of each section, said assessments should not be too terribly challenging! :)
--FYI: We will continue our discussion of Divergent next class block.
--Aim to read at least 5-10 pages of your free reading book between now and next class if time permits you to do so.  ALWAYS BRING YOUR FREE READING BOOK TO CLASS!