Tuesday, April 4, 2017

English 9--4/6/2017 (Block 2)

Jump Off (1 min.)
--Please pick up an index card from the front table.

S. the C. (5-8 mins.)
--You have hit the "targets" for the lesson today if you...
  • are prepared to engage with Article of the Week #6
  • understand how to successfully complete Article of the Week #6
  • have partially completed Article of the Week #6
  • can do the following with both Act IV and Act V of The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet:
    • summarize the acts, noting key plot points (e.g., Friar Lawrence giving Juliet a sleeping potion, Friar Lawrence's plan, Romeo's request of the apothecary, etc.)
    • note similarities and differences between Romeo and Juliet's level of impulsiveness (characterization)
    • give at least two examples of purposeful irony (situational, verbal, and/or dramatic) employed by Shakespeare
    • provide an effective theme statement for the play

Literacy Activity #2 (New Business) -- Article of the Week #6 (25-30 mins.)
--view the video clips below so as to respond to the following questions on your index card:

  • What are the video clips suggesting about human behavior?
  • To what extent can you relate?  For what reasons?
  • What "stories" can you tell related to these videos?

--discuss the poem from last class and the video clips so as to "set the table" for the next Article of the Week

--Reminder: The three key reasons why we do Article of the Week:
  • building background knowledge
  • purposeful and active reading practice
  • writing skills learning/practice
--Transition (2 mins.)
  • Please pick up the "Article of the Week #6 (4/3 - 4/7)--2016-2017 School Year" document from the front table so that we can purposefully read the directions together before you spend some time completing your best work.
  • Deliberate instruction is necessary based on Mr. Martin's observations while reading your Article of the Week #5 written responses and your responses to #11-13 on the "Romeo and Juliet Unit--Mini-Test--March 2017".
  • Ultimately, Article of the Week #6 serves as practice and preparation for the End-of-Unit Writing Assignment in which you will likely directly quote and paraphrase Shakespeare's text!
--purposeful oral reading of the directions
  • Students should direct any questions that they have to Mr. Martin via email (jmartin2@livoniacsd.org) or consult with him during his free time on Friday, 4/7.
--begin working on Article of the Week #6 quietly and independently

Transition (2 mins.)
--Pick up a copy of the Act V Reading Guide from the front table so that we can engage in a "materials assessment" together.  What are we "looking for" while viewing Act V?

Film/Reinforcement and First-Draft "Reading" -- Act IV and Act V of Franco Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet (30-35 mins.)
--view Act IV as reinforcement of our work with the text (1:47:20-1:57:40)
  • Because we did not end up reading scenes iv and v aloud together, it would be in your best interest to follow along in your Parsons text while viewing and jot down notes on Post-its.  This part of the play can be found on pages 58-62.
--"materials assessment"--read  Act V Reading Guide prompts/questions aloud so that students know what to "look for" while viewing Act V
--purposefully view Act V of the film (1:57:40-credits)--gather information for discussion/assessment preparation by jotting down notes and responding to reading guide prompts/questions

Closure -- Partner Work (remainder of class [time permitting])
--"anchor in" to the "Compact for Group Work"
--form partnerships (wisely!)
--The Task:
  • Using each other and your Parsons texts, discuss your responses for the Act V Reading Guide, making sure to respond to any questions/prompts that are currently incomplete.  Also, consider this question: What from this section of the play would you like to discuss in a forthcoming whole-class circle discussion?

HW (Take-Home Assessment)
--Finish your work with Article of the Week #6, which is due at the beginning of class on your first class day back after April Break.  This task will include purposefully reading the directions in the box at the top of the first page and completing your best work with regard to the directions.  Good luck!
HW (Class Preparation)
--Strongly consider rereading Act IV and Act V of the play and visiting the following web address in order to deepen your understanding of the text/improve your notes and reading guide responses:
--Aim to read at least 5-10 pages of your free reading book between now and next class.  ALWAYS BRING YOUR FREE READING BOOK TO CLASS, and keep in mind that Hooked on Books takes place the rest of this week!
--Enjoy break--you truly only get so many of 'em!