Tuesday, April 25, 2017

English 9--4/26/2017 & 4/27/2017

Jump Off (20-25 mins.)
--Please pick up a copy of the "Divergent Unit--Novel up to Page 26--Did You Read? Quiz" from the front table.  Back at your assigned seat, complete the assessment quietly and independently based on your "gist" reading of the text.
--When you finish, place your quiz facedown on the floor next to your desk.  Then, pick up a copy of the "Self-Assessment" document from the front table.  Complete the self-assessment quietly and independently before placing it in the black basket on the front table.  Once your self-assessment is turned in, choose from the following "to-do" list:
  • read the next section of Divergent (Be aware, though, that if time permits, I will begin reading this section aloud at the end of the class block!)
  • engage in free reading
  • continue progressing through the essay-writing process
S. the C. (15-20 mins.)
--trade and grade--scored assessments returned to test-takers for self-reflection purposes (Are you "gist" reading well enough?)--scored assessments collected
--Please stop me today if...
  • you hear me use a Unit #6 vocabulary word in context during today's lesson (but be aware that I might "check on" your understanding immediately thereafter!)
  • your understanding is hampered in any way.
--Reminder: The incentive plan (It's in place this week! :))
--Last class, you were expected to use class time to diligently complete as much of Procedures 1-4 as possible in the time permitted.  Then, as class preparation, you were expected to finish the procedures by compiling all of the evidence that you intend to use in your essay in order to formulate a lucid and credible argument.  Based on the work that you completed, what questions do you have that I can answer to help you continue progressing through the essay-writing process?
  • Q & A
Transition (2-3 mins.)
--Please take out your copy of the "End-of-Unit Essay--Procedures List #1" document and any other materials for your End-of-Unit Essay.
--Please pick up a copy of each of the following documents from the front table:
  • "Direct Quotations--Transcribing and Parenthetically Referencing" (halfsheet)
  • "End-of-Unit Essay--Procedures List #2"
Writing Workshop -- The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet End-of-Unit Essay (25-30 mins.)
--modeling the halfsheet with Act 2, Scene 1, Lines 17-21
--purposeful oral reading of Step #5/Q & A
--quiet and independent work time
--brief share-out (properly write a direct quotation on the front board) via a drawing of cards
--process repeated for remaining steps
--Transition (2 mins.)
  • Pick up an index card from the front table and write your name at the top of the lined side of the card.

--Closure (5 mins.)
  • On your index card, write the thesis statement for your essay as it currently stands.  Please do your best work so that I can do my best work in order to aid you!
  • When you finish, place your index card in the black basket on the front table.
HW Time -- Veronica Roth's Divergent CHAPTERS FOUR-SIX: Oral "Gist" Reading (until class ends [time permitting])

HW (Class Preparation)
--Finish preparing for the Unit #6 vocabulary quiz, which will take place next class (Friday, 4/28 [ACE]/next Monday, 5/1 [BDF]).  You might want to consider completing each of the exercises in the vocabulary book if you have not already done so.  REMEMBER THAT WORDS FROM PREVIOUS UNITS ARE "FAIR GAME" ON ANY VOCABULARY QUIZ THEREAFTER!
--"Gist" read up to the end of CHAPTER SIX of Divergent (pg. 60).  This might include completing one or both of the following tasks: 
  • asking yourself the "Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How" questions every five pages and jotting down related notes on lined paper
  • jotting down notes on Post-its related to important characters, plot events, contrasts and contradictions, etc. and sticking the Post-its to the corresponding pages in the book
--Though you are not required to do anything other than read the next 34 pages of Divergent--taking notes might be superfluous--, a six-question "Did You Read?" assessment similar to today's will occur at the beginning of class next time (Friday, 4/28 [ACE] or Monday, 5/1 [BDF]).  If you have completed a successful "gist" reading, said assessment should not be challenging at all! :)
--Aim to read at least 5-10 pages of your free reading book between now and next class  if time permits you to do so.  ALWAYS BRING YOUR FREE READING BOOK TO CLASS!
HW (Class Preparation/Writing)
--Continue progressing through your essay-writing process in whatever manner you see fit--be tenacious!  (It would be in your best interest to consider how you might organize/break up your body paragraphs and begin roughly outlining.)  The final version of your essay (your absolute best effort) is tentatively due at the beginning of class on Thursday, 5/4 (ACE) or Friday, 5/5 (BDF).