Tuesday, April 19, 2016

English 10 Honors--4/22/2016

Jump Off
--Pick up the Unit #8 vocabulary quiz from the front table.  Make sure to carefully read all of the directions and advocate for your understanding by calling me over (if necessary).  Complete the quiz quietly and independently. Good luck!
--When you finish with the assessment, place your work underneath your desk and complete some of the following tasks:
  • reflect upon your performance on the mini-test: What can you "take away" from this assessment in terms of what it aims to assess, what you got correct, what you got incorrect, etc.?
  • finish preparing for today's "Speed Dating" discussion activity
  • begin the next reading assignment for LotF
  • engage in free reading
S. the C.
--list of students needing to revise for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio shared--Would anyone like to schedule a meeting for a time slot during my office hours?
  • The due date for submission is Thursday, 4/28 (just under one week from today).
--trade and grade vocabulary quizzes--scored assessments returned to test-takers for self-reflection purposes--scored assessments collected

Discussion Activity (cont.) -- Significant Passage "Speed Dating"
--independent work time--finish preparing for activity by finding a passage and responding to three prompts for passage
--directions given for the remainder of activity
--engage in "speed dating" process until all dates have occurred or class ends (whichever happens first)--taking notes is strongly encouraged!

HW Time/Free Reading (time permitting)

Lord of the Flies Reading Breakdown
  • You must finish purposefully/actively reading the novel by Thursday of next week (4/28).  57 pages remain.
  • Including today, if you read 8 pages a day, you will finish the novel on time.
  • A reading requirement will be assigned for next class (purposefully/actively reading CHAPTER NINE) as a bare minimum.  You are strongly advised, however, to read beyond page 154 by next class.
  • If you have time this weekend and would prefer to "lighten your load" next week, if you read 28 1/2 pages two out of the next three days (including today), you will finish the novel before school begins on Monday.
HW (Class Preparation)
--Purposefully/actively read CHAPTER NINE of Lord of the Flies. Continue focusing especially on flagging seemingly important passages.
--Review your materials from the last two class blocks pertaining to LotF as well as your purposeful/active reading notes for CHAPTERS FOUR-NINE in preparation for an assessment next class.
--Try to find some time to read your free reading book between now and next class.  ALWAYS BRING YOUR FREE READING BOOK TO CLASS!
--The due date for submitting a revised Intertextuality Unit--Culminating Essay Assignment for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio is Thursday, 4/28 (just under one week from today)--YOU MUST schedule a meeting with me to go over your revisions; simply handing in the revisions is unacceptable as per the protocol.  When time permits, meetings can/will occur during class time.