Monday, March 14, 2016

English 10 Honors--3/17/2016

Jump Off
--Select a one-pager from the front of the classroom.

S. the C.
--agenda/HW/rationale for today's endeavors
--You should leave class today with...
  • the Marking Period 3 and Marking Period 4 Free Reading Course Component completed
  • two thoughtful comments selected for your Marking Period 4 report card
  • a list of what to look for while reading Lord of the Flies in order to focus your active/purposeful reading.
  • sample completed one-pagers shared--which is stronger and why?
  • one-pager options pointed out
  • selection of comments modeled
"Assessment"/Self-Reflection/DEAR -- Free Reading Books (remainder of class)
--complete one-pagers and comments document and turn in when finished
--students who have already completed or finish one-pagers will engage in free reading

--Grab a sheet from me at the front table.

"Gearing Up" Discussion Preparation (Phase 3) -- What to Look for in Lord of the Flies (Song Lyric Analysis)
--What is explication? (review)
--explication modeled by me with first stanza of each song
--engage in independent explication (focus on application of knowledge from Foster reading, imagery, and theme)

--Pick a parent (mom or dad)--what is his or her first name?  Form a circle alphabetically accordingly.  (My mom's name is Holly...just an FYI.)  Bring to the circle the following items:

  • your notebook 
  • your index card from two classes ago
  • your annotated copy of "Are We Naturally Good or Bad?"
  • your annotated copy of  "Asch Experiment"
  • your "Kid Nation 'Episode #1: I'm Trying to be a Leader Here!'" document
  • your annotated copy of "Is That a Symbol?" and the "Novel Pre-reading--Purposeful Non-fiction Reading/'Gearing Up' Discussion" document
  • your explicated song lyrics (poetry)
"Gearing Up" Discussion/Closure -- What to Look for in Lord of the Flies
--engage in discussion about materials listed above in order to craft a list on the front board of "what to look for" in Lord of the Flies--COPY THIS LIST INTO YOUR NOTEBOOK (3/17--What to Look for in LotF)

HW (Class Participation)
--Enjoy your time off--what a gift!  Sharpen the Saw!

On the backburner:
  • ACT nonfiction passages and multiple choice question