Friday, March 11, 2016

English 10 Honors--3/15/2016


S. the C.
--agenda/HW/rationale for today's endeavors

--Pick up both a copy of the reading titled "Is That a Symbol?" (a section from Thomas C. Foster's How to Read Literature Like a Professor [2003]) and the "Novel Pre-reading--Purposeful Non-fiction Reading/'Gearing Up' Discussion" document from the front table.
--Purposefully read the directions and questions on the document quietly and independently.
--Q & A

"Gearing Up" Discussion Preparation (Phase 2) -- What to Look for in Lord of the Flies (Purposeful Non-fiction Reading)
--purposefully read Thomas C. Foster's "Is That a Symbol?" chapter in order to respond to the six questions on the questions document as directed (quietly and independently or orally--majority rules!)

Transition -- grab a sheet from me at the front table

"Gearing Up" Discussion Preparation (Phase 3) -- What to Look for in Lord of the Flies (Song Lyric Analysis)
--What is explication? (review)
--explication modeled by me with first stanza of each song
--engage in independent explication (focus on application of knowledge from Foster reading, imagery, and theme)

HW (Class Participation)
-Finish whatever we are unable to finish during class today (e.g., poetry explication).

--Review your annotations/notes from last class and today's class bearing in mind that we will engage in a "beastly" discussion on Thursday titled "What to Look for in Lord of the Flies"!
--One-pagers are due in class next time (Thursday, 3/17) for those students who have yet to complete one.  We will use some class time on Thursday to complete one-pagers.  Students who have already submitted a one-pager will engage in free reading during this time.  ALWAYS BRING YOUR FREE READING BOOK TO CLASS!  If you are going to be absent next class, take a one-pager before leaving today so that you can complete and submit the one-pager prior to leaving on Thursday.

On the backburner:

  • ACT nonfiction passages and multiple choice question