Friday, February 12, 2016

English 9--2/23/2016

Jump Off
--Pick up an index card from the front table.  On the index card, write the three sentences below.  Finally, label the subject and verb of each of the sentences.
  • I go walking in my sleep.
  • You are another day older.
  • Wisdom often comes with age.


S. the C.
--Reminder: It is important for you to stay caught up with regard to all of your coursework.  It would behoove you to check the blog and SchoolTool often.
--ceremonial dropping of the hammer (Brendan L., Samantha G., and Cole M.)

Instruction -- The Grammar Hammer--“Missing comma after an introductory element”
--go over the Jump Off by labeling the S/V for each of the provided sentences
--Transition -- pick up the "Missing comma after an introductory element" document from the front table--read instructions, add commas to the sample sentences, model rule/tips with sample sentences above
--complete PRACTICE
--go over PRACTICE, reiterating rule/tips
--For HW, prepare for the "Missing comma after an introductory element" assessment--you must really “know your way around” this error and fixing it in order to be successful on said assessment.

Block 1
--Take out your copy of the “Drama Terms Notes/Poetry Terms Notes” document from last class.  Give it quick scan in order to remind yourself what we were getting started on before break.
Block 2/Block 3
--Pick up a copy of the “Drama Terms Notes/Poetry Terms Notes” document from the front table.  Give it quick scan before directing your attention to the front of the classroom.

Activity -- Drama Terms Notes/Poetry Terms Notes Posters
--directions given:
  • Use resources (smartphones, computer, literature books, dictionaries, etc.) in order to determine what is needed to fill in the blank(s) for your term
  • Paraphrase the definition of your term
  • Create a visually appealing poster for your term to share with the rest of the class, including
    • the term prominently displayed
    • the paraphrased definition of your term
    • an example of your term “in action”
    • a corresponding visual.

  • Terms assigned/materials gathered (except for Block 1)
  • Quiet and independent work time
Mini-Presentations/Notetaking -- Drama Terms Notes/Poetry Terms Notes
--presentations (consider the guidelines about delivery from last time we presented!)/notetaking

--Pick up a copy of the Act II Reading Guide from the front table and engage in a "materials assessment" together.  What are we "looking for" while viewing Act II?

Film/First-Draft "Reading" -- Act II of Franco Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet
--purposefully view the film until a few minutes remaining in class--gather information for discussion/assessment preparation by jotting down notes and responding to reading guide prompts/questions

Closure -- Wrap-up Discussion

HW (Class Preparation)
--Prepare for the "Missing comma after an introductory element" assessment, which will take place next class.
--Work on finishing your free reading book.  You have just about a month between now and the due date of the one-pager.  ALWAYS BRING YOUR FREE READING BOOK TO CLASS!  See me if you have finished your book and need a one-pager.
--If we do not finish viewing and discussing Act II in class today, you can expect to do so next class!

On the backburner:
  • A Paragraph's a Paragraph's a Paragraph instruction (if necessary)
  • Break down model paragraph together (if necessary)