Sunday, November 1, 2015

English 9--11/3/2015

Jump Off (3-5 mins.)
--Pick up a highlighter and the document entitled "Parts of Speech--Pretest" from the front table.  Complete the pretest quietly and independently.  Good luck!

S. the C. (5-8 mins.)
--The following students need to see me before leaving class today:
  • Nic R.
  • Bonnie K.
  • Kiara S.
  • Cameron V.
  • Christina B.
  • Trevor C.
  • Collin J.
--prepare slides for next activity--drop the hammer--share routine/rationale with students and link to vocabulary and the writing that we've done so far this year
--directions given for first activity

Transition (2 mins.)
--return highlighter and pick up a tile, an Expo marker, and a scrap for erasing from the front bookshelf--be kind to my markers!

Review Activity/Instruction -- The Grammar Hammer--Parts of Speech TILES (20-25 mins.)
--indicate pretest responses as directed by the PowerPoint slides/take any necessary notes

Transition (5-8 mins.)
--Reminder: Our ultimate purpose for re-reading the short story (beginning with the end in mind):

End-of-Mini-Unit Assessment Writing Prompt:
Write a well-developed paragraph in which you support a meaningful and complex theme statement for Karen Russell's "St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves."  Use at least three pieces of strong textual evidence spanning the entire text, and be sure to tie back to your theme statement often.

--more specific purposeful reading tasks intended both to help us work toward mastering certain standards and "unwrap" the story in preparation for the writing assessment:
  • Task A--RL.2 (Theme)
  • Task B--RL.3 (Character)
  • Task C--RL.4 (Diction)
  • Task D--RL.5 (Structure)
--Please go back through your purposeful annotations and tool (where applicable) and come up with at least one potential contribution for today's forthcoming share-out/discussion, which is a continuation of the work we began last class.  We've barely made a dent in the story yet!

Share-Out/Discussion (cont.) -- "St. Lucy's..."--Stage 1 (flex time)
--as you and your peers share and I mark up the text on the SmartBoard, do the same on your personal copy of "St. Lucy's..." (volunteers first, then cards drawn)

Closure -- Take a Stand (flex time)
--reminder of the protocol for Take a Stand (with a twist!):
  • Momentarily, I will make a claim about Stage 1 of "St. Lucy's...":
    • If you agree with the claim, STAND ON your desk chair.
    • If you neither fully agree nor disagree with the claim and instead have a more precise claim of your own, STAY SEATED in your desk chair. 
    • If you disagree with the claim, SIT ON THE FLOOR next to your desk.
--The claim: The Stage 1 epigraph of Karen Russell's short story "St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves" accurately depicts the girls' actual experiences during the first section of the story.
--show your position
--cold-calling--students randomly selected to briefly explain their thoughts (no more than three sentences)

DEAR -- Free Reading Books (time permitting)
--students without books will read Upfront newsmagazine

HW (Class Preparation)
--Prepare for the "Parts of Speech--Post-test," which will take place at the beginning of next class.  It might be in your best interest to review via the following website if you struggled on today's pre-test:
--Read your free reading book for at least 10 minutes between now and next class.  ALWAYS BRING YOUR FREE READING BOOK TO CLASS.  You have up until the first week of December to finish your book.