Tuesday, November 25, 2014

English 10 Honors--12/4/2014

Jump Off
--Pick up a copy of the "QUIZ--Commas with introductory elements" assessment from the front table.  After carefully reading the directions, complete the assessment quietly and independently.  
--When you finish taking the assessment, place your work in the black basket on the front table.  Then, pick up a copy of the "The Old Man and the Sea Novella Unit--Concept Application Assessment--pages 9-25" halfsheet from the front table, which is also a quiz.  You will need to use your copy of TOMatS in order to be successful.  Good luck!

S. the C. (approximately 10 minutes into class)
--Reminder: Keep the "Intertextuality Unit--The Alchemist and The Old Man and the Sea Culminating Essay Assignment" document in mind, as this is where we are headed as we continue working through our first major literature unit of the school year. Do you have any potential ideas in mind already? (Frankly, you should!)

Assessment -- TOMatS up to page 25
--When you finish taking the assessment, place your work in the black basket on the front table and begin working on your homework.

Mini-Lesson/Notetaking/Novella Introduction -- Intertextuality
--oral reading of Foster's section for the gist
--share out and jot down notes (12/4/2014--Intertextuality)
--discuss the implications of "intertextuality" with regard to The Old Man and the Sea: The Alchemist IS The Old Man and the Sea!


HW Time (cont.)

--Finish your work with Article of the Week #9, which is due at the beginning of class next time (Monday, December 8th).
--Purposefully read up to pg. 72 of TOMatS--continue with high-quality Post-its (or another form of notes) for discussion/assessment preparation:

  • The basics (characters, setting, conflict, etc.)
  • Christological figure
  • Hero as a literary term
  • Hemingway's writing style (for which he is famous!)
  • Intertextuality with The Alchemist--they're the same story!
  • Stoicism

--Bring your vocabulary book to class next time.  PLEASE DO NOT FORGET!
--Don't forget about your free reading book. ALWAYS BRING YOUR FREE READING BOOK TO CLASS. See me if you have finished reading your book and need a one-pager.