Tuesday, June 5, 2012

English 10 Honors--6/6/2012

Jump Off
—Take out your research guide (three-page packet from last class), and open up to the second page.  We will work through this page together at the start of class by revisiting out last writing assignment.  (By the way, you will get your essays back on Friday!)

S. the C. – agenda/rationale/HW, inform students about Obligation Forms/overdue library books

Mini-Lesson – The Works Cited Page
—Pose this question: What is the rationale behind this research guide?
—complete the second page together—use list of book-related information on the front board/copies of The Count of Monte Cristo/The Tragedy of Macbeth
—When finished, put the guide away—we will finish the guide in our next class block.

Flexible Work Block – Final Assessment Work Time AND/OR Life of Pi Discussion AND/OR DEAR
—work block as per three options
—Mr. Martin will be calling students over to check in regarding final assessments

Looking Ahead – Final Class—Refreshments Sign-up

—Continue working on the final assessment—presentations will take place in class during our final class block (6/12)
—Finish Life of Pi by our final class block (6/12)—take notes for discussion as per your critical perspective