Thursday, November 3, 2011

Senior English -- 11/4/2011 & 11/7/2011

Jump Off -- pick up and quietly complete the Unit #2 vocabulary quiz
--when finished, place quiz on floor next to desk
--pick up a computer and log in--set up a Microsoft Word document in MLA format

S. the C. -- agenda/rationale/HW, trade and grade

Writing Workshop -- An Analysis of My Life
--What is MLA format? (RESEARCH SKILLS)  What does MLA format look like? (PRIOR KNOWLEDGE)
--Transition --pick up instructions page from the front table
--properly format documents together
--assignment directions (choose two An Analysis of My Life responses, type in paragraph form, have grammar and vocabulary in mind)
--take a look at Purdue webpage about effective paragraphs
--when finished, print and turn in

Looking Ahead -- Helmet O' Destiny/Outside Reading
--begin preparing for the Public Speaking Unit:
  • brainstorm topics for the helmet (directions given)
  • share protocol/60-Second Club entrance requirements
--look at books and online reviews--what looks good to you?--jot down options on an index card

--enjoy the weekend--Public Speaking Unit begins next class!