Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Operation 100 Goals--Day 10

            Despite having a highly engaging cloth book in his lap, Caleb is eagerly reaching for the Day 10 sign in the above photo.  I mentioned in the Day 2 post that Caleb chomped on the sign after our photoshoot, and if you look at the Day 1 pic again, you’ll see that the sign is on its way to his mouth there, too.  Main bullet point: Caleb seems to like paper better than pureed avocado, as you’ll see in this pic:

            You may have noticed that Caleb is sitting in a Bumbo baby seat in both of these pictures.  If you’re unfamiliar with the Bumbo and its rationale, here is some highly engaging reading for you (by highly engaging, I mean about on par with Caleb’s cloth book):  I jest, but basically, Bumbos are meant to help babies learn to sit up and strengthen the necessary muscles to do so.  However, Bumbos have come under fire as of late.  In fact, 13WHAM ran a story last night more or less saying that Bumbos are no good and babies need to learn how to sit up on their own.  More on this later...

Goal:  Participate in “No Shave November” every year, encourage others to participate, and make donations to “Movember” when funds are available

As I typed the sentence about 13WHAM, I also hunted around the 13WHAM website for the clip from last night.  I couldn’t find the clip, yet I did find this, a little tieback to the Day 8 post:  This reminds me that I need to refine my plan a little bit.  Instead of wearing a moustache my first day back to school, I’m thinking that I’ll go with the beard until March begins, and then I’ll form out a moustache in March (Moustache March—ahh…alliteration).  Not only alliteration, but another cool cause:  I’ll have to work on re-wording my goal so that I can do a little something for both of these causes each year.  How about this?: Participate in “No Shave November” and “Moustache March” every year, encourage others to participate, and make donations when funds are available…I think that’s perfect!

Goal:  Have children and become a successful father

          For the record, Caleb did not ingest the Day 10 sign.  I laughed with him (he’s funny!), called him goofy, and took the sign away so that, of course, he could continue reading.  Nor did he sit in the Bumbo for hours—he only sat there for the photoshoot, as I’ve been trying to change the scenery each day (though I’m pretty much out of options now!).  Plus, he’s quite the unsupported sitter these days:

It’s currently 1:30 PM, and though Caleb has long since had his lunch, I haven’t.  I’m going to go make that happen……