Wednesday, September 16, 2015

English 10 Honors--9/17/2015

Jump Off (15-20 mins.)
--If one of the "Artifact Bags" on the front table belongs to you, please see me at the front table.
--Submit your Article of the Week #1 work by placing it in the black basket on the front table.
--Pick up a copy of the homework assignment ("Diagnostic Test") from the front table.
--Pick up the "English 10 Honors--Literature and Nonfiction Terms/Concepts 2015-2016--Assessment--Terms/Concepts #1-20" document from the front table.  Complete the quiz quietly and independently back at your assigned seat.  Good luck!  When you finish taking the quiz, place it facedown on the floor underneath your desk and begin working on the "Diagnostic Test."
--Take out your "English 10 Honors--Literature and Nonfiction Terms/Concepts--2015-2016 School Year" packet and place it facedown on the floor underneath your desk.  I will be around to check your work in order to gather information for reporting soft skills at the end of the marking period.

S. the C. (8-10 mins.)
--trade and grade
--return quizzes to rightful owners--reflect on performance and note still-not-mastered terms/concepts on your packet--I will collect quizzes momentarily
--Block 2 only: If you agree with the items on the student commitments list and are ready to do your best committing to the items, sign your name below the poster.

Transition (2 mins.)
--take out the notes that you have taken about your partner
--take out a clean sheet of lined paper--label the page "My First Major English 10 Honors Writing Assignment--Here Goes!"

Writing Workshop -- Thematic Writing Assignment--Partner Interviews (30-35 mins.)
--two-three introductions from sample essays from the past shared:
  • What does it take to craft a quality introduction?
  • List of beginning methods crafted on the front board and copied into notebooks
--quick-write your hook (10 minutes)--Do we need to review how quick writes work?
--review the purpose, structure, etc. of a thesis statement--Do you have a quality thesis statement yet?  Should you?

Teambuilding Activity -- Artifact Bags (time permitting)
--I hand a paper bag to random student--he/she then displays items from the bag one at a time, briefly describing what he/she is seeing
--guess who?!
--owner of bag further describes, explains, shares anecdotes, etc. as a form of introduction to teacher/peers

HW Time (time permitting)

HW (Class Preparation)
--Prepare for the following ASSESSMENT:
  • mastery of terms/concepts 21-40 ("Dialect"-"Literary criticism") next class (9/21)
--Complete the "Diagnostic Test" for our vocabulary program for use during next class block.  Do not look up any of the words as you complete the assessment--it is a pre-test meant to diagnose your current knowledge and understanding.  The assessment will be reported based on completion, not how you actually perform.  Thank you for your cooperation!
--Finish getting in touch with your partner and engaging in the "research" process (especially now that your purpose should be entirely clear). The more intriguing information you have gathered about your partner when engaging in the writing process, the better!
HW (Take-Home Assessment)
--Prior to next class, reread your hook written during today's Writing Workshop block.  Make any necessary changes in order to improve this hook.  Also, if you are ready to do so, craft both a bridge and thesis statement for your essay.
--On the same page as your hook written during today's Writing Workshop block, write a second hook using an entirely different method.  The quick list from today's class should help you think of an alternative way to begin.  You can also search Google using search terms such as "How to write a quality essay beginning" or something along those lines.  Next class (Monday, 9/21), you will submit both of your hooks for me to read and provide commentary.  (As with your other hook, write your bridge and thesis statement, too, if you are ready to do so.)
--The Thematic Essay Writing Assignment--Partner Interviews essay (your best effort) is due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, 9/29 typed in proper MLA format.
--We will have computer access on Monday of next week, so you might want to bring a flashdrive!
--Make sure to SEE ME if you have any questions about anything from today's class!
--Enjoy your weekend--you only get so many of 'em!