Tuesday, June 10, 2014

English 9--6/12/2014

Jump Off
--If you have not yet turned in your Dragonsong book, carefully take out all of your Post-its and place the book on the front table.  The following students have not yet turned in their books and will be charged by the school if they do not do so ASAP:
  • Shane H. 53-01
  • Sam B. 83-01
  • Conor B. 116-01
  • Sarah E. 17-01
  • Will K. 27-01
  • Jack L. 14-01
  • Jessica A. 104-01
  • Kyler B. 112-01
  • Brooke F. 127-01
  • Harleigh G. 71-01
  • Riley S. 86-01
  • Audrey W. 78-01
--Find and sit in the desk that contains your answer sheet for the Regional Post-Assessment.  Mr. Martin will call you up column-by-column to pick up test materials.

Assessments -- English 9 Department Exam and Regional Post-Assessment
--quick reminder of skills students should "bust out"
--work time--BRING YOUR A GAME!
--When you finish with the exam that you decide to take first, bring both the test booklet and answer sheet to Mr. Martin at the front table and pick up additional test materials.  Make sure that at the end of the block, all test materials remain in Room 203.

"Study Hall"

--You might want to consider completing some of your "Drama Term Tracking Sheet" between now and next class.  It'll be a "tight squeeze" trying to finish the document for submission on Monday.
--Bring all materials that belong to Mr. Martin on Monday of next week.