Thursday, June 5, 2014

English 9--6/10/2014

Jump Off
--Take out your revised, finalized, typed-in-MLA Dragonsong Unit Final Essay and place it in the black basket on the front table.  Mr. Martin will do his best to get these back to you by Monday of next week.
--If you have your Dragonsong book, carefully take out all of your Post-its and place the book on the front table.  If you do not have your book today, please bring it next class to hand in.
--Mr. Martin will be around to return your Dragonsong Unit Final Novel Exam scantrons.  We will spend a small segment of today's class discussing the exam results.

S. the C.
--The following students need to see Mr. Martin before leaving class today:
  • Bo-diddly-Jim-Scha...
  • Cuddles
  • Fidget
  • Pikachu
  • The Legit Dave Strider
Old Business/Looking Ahead -- Dragonsong Unit Final Novel Exam, English 9 Department Exam, and Regional Post-Assessment
--go over three most frequently missed questions on the Dragonsong Unit Final Novel Exam via PowerPoint slides--see Mr. Martin if you would like to look at an exam booklet and/or go over any other aspects of the exam
Reminders about/study tips for exams next class:

  • The English 9 Department Exam consists of
    • literary terms/techniques identification--make sure that you know your terms from this year and past years of English class
    • poetry interpretation--be prepared to demonstrate your best skills of explication, purposeful question/prompt reading, and purposeful rereading
      • perhaps look through explications of poetry and related questions that have occurred earlier in the course (e.g., "Siren Song")?
      • know and be able to apply your poetry terms/techniques
    • assessment of writing skills--review all of your "grammar hammer" notes, practices, etc. and the requirements of your Dragonsong Unit Final Essay
    • nonfiction and fiction analysis--be prepared to demonstrate your best skills of purposeful question/prompt reading and purposeful reading
  • The Regional Post-Assessment consists of
    • fiction analysis--be prepared to demonstrate your best skills of close reading and annotating, purposeful question/prompt reading, and purposeful rereading
    • look through all of the standards-based questions that you have answered the school year--the questions on this exam will be similar in nature
  • If you are looking to practice any of the skills that the exams on Thursday aim to assess, consider doing the following:
    • purposefully read Act II, Scene ii, Lines 1-51 of Romeo and Juliet in your Richard Parsons' version of the text
      • on a sheet of paper, jot down both the literal and figurative meaning of the text
    • check your work against the notes located at the following links:

--Take out the following items as preparation for the next activity:
  • "Drama Terms Notes" sheet
  • "Drama Term Tracking Sheet"
  • The Richard Parsons' version of Romeo and Juliet
*The "Drama Term Tracking Sheet" will be collected and scored for a class participation grade after we finish viewing Romeo and Juliet*

Application Activity/Film (cont.) -- Franco Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet
--refresher of directions:
  • You cannot use the examples provided last class when completing the "Drama Term Tracking Sheet".
  • You only need one example for each of the terms.
--continue purposefully viewing the film

Closure -- Pair/Group Work

--Finish preparing for the English 9 Department Exam and the Regional Post-Assessment. Both exams will take place next class (Thursday, 6/12/2014). Mr. Martin hopes that you prepare diligently for these exams, as the results are meant to help him determine what you mastered throughout the year, where to focus instruction next school year for freshmen, etc. If the entire school year was a sports season, next class is the State Championship.  ALL OF YOU HAVE THE POTENTIAL AND DESERVE TO NAIL THESE FINAL ASSESSMENTS, BUT IT'S IN YOUR HANDS! Your final exam score for the course consists of your performances on the following:
  • Dragonsong Unit Final Essay
  • English 9 Department Exam
  • Regional Post-Assessment
--Bring work for other classes and/or a book to read next class in the event that you finish both exams before the class block ends.