Friday, May 30, 2014

English 9--6/4/2014

Jump Off (10-12 minutes)
--Pick up the "Romeo and Juliet Unit--Prologue Explication" sheet from the front table.  Spend the first 10 minutes of class explicating the poem and making predictions quietly and independently.  Feel free to pick up a dictionary from the back of the classroom or use your Smartphone if you have one.  Good luck!

S. the C. (15-20 minutes)

--go through the prologue line-by-line together using explications in order to familiarize students with the plot of The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet--jot down notes on the front board

Transition (2-3 minutes)

--Pick up the following documents from the front table:
  • "The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Unit--Drama Terms Notes"
  • "The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Unit--Drama Terms Examples for Completing Skeletal Notes" (This document will be returned later in class, so DO NOT write on it!)
--Form partnerships (or decide to work independently if you prefer).

Notetaking Activity -- Drama Terms Notes (30-35 minutes)
  • Accurately/logically fill in the blanks on the "Drama Terms Notes" sheet
  • Tap prior knowledge--what blanks can you fill in based on what you already know?
  • Read through the provided examples in the "Drama Terms Examples for Completing Skeletal Notes" and use logic
    • For example, for the term ASIDE, based on the example provided that states that Romeo speaks "to just the audience," I can logically infer that the first blank on the notes page requires the word "audience."
--work time
--Transition--re-column desks and return "Drama Terms Examples for Completing Skeletal Notes"
  • Go through the notes page term-by-term in order to check/enhance student understanding
Transition (1-2 minutes)
--Pick up the "Drama Term Tracking Sheet" document from the front table.

Application Activity/Film -- Franco Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet (Remainder of class)
--oral reading of directions and example:
  • You cannot use the examples provided earlier in class when completing the "Drama Term Tracking Sheet".
  • You only need one example for each of the terms.
--begin purposefully viewing the film--see if you can find a character's TRAGIC FLAW demonstrated and/or a PUN

--Your finalized, typed-in-MLA Dragonsong Unit Final Essay is due at the beginning of class next time (Friday, 6/6/2014).  Make sure to submit your best work, a true representation of your abilities.
--Continue preparing for the English 9 Department Exam and the Regional Post-Assessment.  Both exams will take place on Thursday of next week (6/12/2014).  Mr. Martin hopes that you prepare diligently for these exams, as the results are meant to help him determine what you mastered throughout the year, where to focus instruction next school year for freshmen, etc.  If the entire school year was a sports season, next week is Sectionals.  ALL OF YOU HAVE THE POTENTIAL AND DESERVE TO NAIL THESE FINAL ASSESSMENTS, BUT IT'S IN YOUR HANDS!  Your final exam score for the course consists of your performances on the following:
  • Dragonsong Unit Final Essay
  • English 9 Department Exam
  • Regional Post-Assessment