Friday, May 30, 2014

English 9--6/2/2014

Jump Off
--Pick up a copy of the Richard Parsons' version of Romeo and Juliet from the front of the classroom.  You will need to bring this book to class every day between next class and our last class together.

S. the C.
--The following students need to see Mr. Martin during class today:
  • Carlos
  • Fidget
  • General Fishtail
  • Hannah Montana
  • Loki
  • Mike
  • Noble 6
  • Oranges
  • Pikachu
  • That Guy
  • The Legit Dave Strider
  • The Popmaster
--good news/bad news
--information shared about next class with Mrs. Giuiliano
--Mr. Martin writes down book numbers

Transition -- head down to the Computer Lab

Writing Workshop -- Dragonsong Unit Final Essay

--while you work today, Mr. Martin will conduct "mini-lessons" based on questions/topics posed as per the order established on the whiteboard


--Familiarize yourself with the information on the inside cover of the Richard Parson's version of Romeo and Juliet so that you have a little bit of background heading into Wednesday's class.
--Your finalized, typed-in-MLA Dragonsong Unit Final Essay is due at the beginning of class this Friday (6/6/2014).
--Continue preparing for the English 9 Department Exam and the Regional Post-Assessment.  Both exams will take place next week.  Mr. Martin hopes that you prepare diligently for these exams, as the results are meant to help him determine what you mastered throughout the year, where to focus instruction next school year for freshmen, etc.  If the entire school year was a sports season, next week is Sectionals.  ALL OF YOU HAVE THE POTENTIAL AND DESERVE TO NAIL THESE FINAL ASSESSMENTS, BUT IT'S IN YOUR HANDS!  Your final exam score for the course consists of your performances on the following:
  • Dragonsong Unit Final Essay
  • English 9 Department Exam
  • Regional Post-Assessment
If you've been curious, here are some pictures!: